Creative Europe Desk Ukraine helps Ukrainian cultural, creative and audiovisual sectors to access funding from Creative Europe Programme. We also promote Creative Europe Programme and the co-funded projects in Ukraine.

The role of Creative Europe Desks is to promote the programme in all participating countries and to assist applicants in their own country. Creative Europe Desks can be found in each participating country. A full list of Creative Europe Desks can be found on the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) website.


There are currently 18 funding opportunities under the Creative Europe programme. The differentfunding schemes encourage the audiovisual, cultural and creative players to operate across Europe, to reach new audiences and to develop the skills needed in the digital age. By helping European cultural and audiovisual works to reach audiences in other countries, the programme will also contribute to safeguarding cultural and linguistic diversity. Creative Europe has a budget of €1.46 billion from 2014-2020. At least 56% of this budget is allocated to the MEDIA sub-programme, supporting training, project development, and the distribution and promotion of European audiovisual works. Around 31% of the budget will go towards the Culture sub-programme for performing and visual arts, with a further 13% allocated to the cross-sectoral strand. Here you can find relevant information concerning the funding opportunities, application deadlines and procedures within the Creative Europe programme.

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