Creative Georgia

Creative Georgia is a government agency (LEPL - Legal Entity of Public Law) created under the Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia. The fields of work of which are commercialisation of creative industries sector and supporting its sustainable development.

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Creative Georgia
4 Sanapiro st.
Tblisi 0105
41° 33' 52.2684" N, 44° 59' 45.3012" E
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Four territories with strong roots in cultural heritage and an emerging cultural and creative industry sectors form Georgia, Germany, France, and Italy research and develop a cross-sectorial as well as a transnational exchange and cooperation with the objective of mutual nurturing and inspiration. Cultural heritage organisations and institutions, in most cases under the public management learn to adopt and integrate the approaches and tools offered by the creative and cultural industries for upgrading their presentation of content to audiences and for boosting their audience building, hence strengthening cultural tourism. Cultural and creative sector entities, in most cases private small and medium sized enterprises, will explore ways of connecting their business activities to the rich cultural heritage of their territory, hence contributing to strengthening this heritage while exploring new strands and models for business that will create new jobs. Both domains (cultural heritage as well as cultural and creative sectors) will hence contribute to local economic growth as well. By connecting this local exploration of new approaches to a joint undertaking among partners all across Europe will boost mutual learning, opening minds and inspiring creativity. CE Programme priorities: 1) C2 New Business Models 2) B Audience Development 3) C3 Training & Education
Vakhtang Urushadze Email: Please Also CC: 4 Sanapiro st. Tblisi 0105, Georgia
четвер, січня 18, 2018