National Audiovisual Archive of Hungary

NAVA is the digital archive of the Hungarian Public Broadcasters’ current audiovisual content produced in or relating to Hungary. In addition NAVA collects and digitize also some commercial broadcast channels. Task of NAVA is collecting, documenting, registering, preserving and making accessible and available that radio and television content, which gives to the future generations authentic picture of the events, society and culture of the present and the past. NAVA provides on-line access to its collection within the framework regulated by law: the database of its archives can be freely searched and the programmes can be viewed in full at so-called NAVA-points (terminals in libraries, schools etc.) In addition, NAVA also maintains special collections. Its new project “NAVA social platform” gives the opportunity for individuals or institutions to build up and store public or private audiovisual content with the possibility of sharing, categorizing, developing

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