Georgian Arts and Culture Center

GACC is Georgin NGO, which operates in the field of arts and culture for more than 20 years, implementing the projects funded by different local and international donors, and European Union among them. The main fields are Cultural heritage, Visual art, Creative industries. Center is actively involved in development projects, organization of trainings and workshops, exhibitions, conferences etc. dedicated to the different topics of culture.

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Georgian Arts and Culture Center
7, Niko Nikoladze str.
Tbilisi 0108
41° 42' 25.8228" N, 44° 47' 16.3644" E
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Опис проекту: 
The project aims building capacity of young curators and art event creators to enable them bring new aesthetic, innovative practices, new business approaches to the exhibitions and art events. Special focus is made on the development of innovative approaches to the digitization of the physical events. The project will be built around the collections of the Theatre Museums or Stage Property collections of the theaters, so it on the one hand contribute to the creation of innovative displays for these institutions and their promotion, and on the other put in to the international exchange of theatres and intercultural dialogue.
Tamar Kiknadze, Tel.: +995322931335, e-mail:
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We are looking for Cultural centers, NGOs, Theatre museums or any similar organisation with relevant experience
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