Tao Production

Tao Production is an NGO production company founded in 2012 by a group of filmmakers and producers. All founding members are successful players in Armenia’s cinema industry, and have given a multidisciplinary edge to their film productions (Me Too, Aborted) and cooperation projects. Most recently, together with the British Council Armenia, Tao realized the Culture Matters EU project of the Arts & Culture program.

Місце розташування: 
Halabyan 5-21
40° 11' 27.4704" N, 44° 28' 42.5892" E
Сфера діяльності: 
Опис проекту: 
The Social Impact Entertainment Summit is an international event, with the goal of establishing the region as a leader in developing the young field of social impact entertainment - the successful collaboration of the entertainment industry and the NGO community to bring positive change to society. The project comprises two main elements: the International Summit - to take place across the region - and the Social Impact Entertainment Guidebook to be developed and published as a result of the summit. The summit will bring together key stakeholders across not only the arts but also the legal, human rights, civil society, democracy, and media communities in the region. The guidebook, meanwhile, will serve as the published and digital foundation of this new and vital field, answering the question: What are the best practices, ethics, and impact of models of creative film and art that can change society?
Tatevik Manoukyan, Founder/Director: productiontao@gmail.com +374-55-415551
Параметри пошуку: 
Cultural centers, production companies, film schools, independent artists/filmmakers, civil society NGOs, human rights organizations, social impact entertainment organizations, or centers with human rights/social impact interest.
четвер, січня 18, 2018