Cultural Centre Mostar

The Cultural Centre Mostar is a public institution in the City of Mostar with jurisdiction over the following five sectors of public interest: culture, education and youth, dance performance, radio broadcast and web platform.

Within the sector of culture, the Centre participates in various educational activities, organizes numerous local and regional activities, and supports actions with the objectives of preservation and promotion of national and local cultural-historical heritage.

We would like to indicate that the Centre has significant experience in project planning and implementation at local, regional, national, and European levels, some of which are: the annals of B&H drawings, Mostar Summer Festival, poetry readings and art exhibitions organized in cooperation with the number of embassies in Bosnia and Herzegovina, such as  the Embassy of the Czech Republic, the Embassy of Spain, the Austrian Embassy, educational activities organized in cooperation with USAID, etc.

In addition, the Centre and four other cultural institutions in Mostar (Mostar Public Theatre, Herzegovina Museum, City Public Library, and Mostar Puppetry)  have  signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation in the field of culture. Furthermore, the Centre works closely with the Ministry of education, science, culture and sport of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton. 

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Cultural Centre Mostar
Rade Bitange 13
Mostar 88000
Боснія та Герцеговина
43° 20' 22.0272" N, 17° 48' 38.34" E
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The Cultural Centre Mostar seeks the opportunities for participating in project activities with objectives to: • preserve, promote and expand tangible and intangible cultural heritage (such as: national monuments, architecture, stećak – monumental medieval tombstones, stone-masonry, museums, archive, libraries, literature – poetry, prose and drama, publishing, theatre, movie, art, music, etc.); • promote the values of diversity and multicultural identities; • foster capacity building for infrastructure, digital technology and human resources development in the fields of culture, youth and education; • enhance educational opportunities in the field of culture; • generate creative and/or educational workshops/projects aimed at increasing awareness and knowledge among children, students and youth about cultural-historical heritage; • advance mobility opportunities and intercultural exchange programs aimed at the development of regional cooperation in the fields of culture, youth and education; • evolve communication with audience through activities aimed at attracting various groups of public by promoting campaigns such as free entry for planned activities; • develop partnerships with music schools in Mostar aimed at strengthening cooperation between these schools and relevant subjects in partnership countries in order to broaden opportunities for the organization and implementation of various mobility activities, cultural and/or musical events and/or workshops. The Centre is interested to take participation either as a partner or leader.
Senad Suljić, Dario Terzić phone: +387 36 580-216 fax: +387 36 580-180 e-mail:
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Private/public institutions/organizations, public body at local, regional, national and European levels, NGOs.
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