National Museum Zrenjanin

National Museum Zrenjanin has a long and rich tradition of preserving and presenting of cultural heritage in the region since 1911. In 2015, it was nominated for the European Museum of Year Award.

Місце розташування: 
National Museum Zrenjanin
Subotićeva 1. 23000 Zrenjanin,
45° 22' 47.9712" N, 20° 23' 23.6544" E
Сфера діяльності: 
Опис проекту: 
Working title “Traveling Fortress” The aim of the project is to reconstruct the Zrenjanin fortress with the help pf traditional methods (models), which will be a platform for modern approach to the presentation of heritage. The model will be a kind of polygon for additional content in the form of expanded reality and the application of various modern digital media (applications, etc.)
Dejan Vogrić (, Aleksadar Šalamon (, National Museum Zrenjanin –
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All eligible countries (Spain, Austria, Italy, Germany, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, etc.). Museums, libraries, archives, non-governmental organizations engaged in working with the public, Cultural Associations, IT organizations
четвер, січня 18, 2018