Cultural and Artistic Institute PerArtem

The Cultural and Artistic Institute PerArtem directs its activities to the field of classical music with special emphasis on Art song that combines music with poetry. 
PerArtem’s activities are re-establishing, awakening, freshening and developing performing tradition of Art song in Slovenia and Europe with a wide array of internationally recognized foreign and Slovenian artists.
The purpose of PerArtem is to: 
•    awake, preserve and to develop tradition of classical music (Art song) in the wider sense of that term, and possibly to connect it with other art forms. 
•    provide facilities in Slovenia and abroad for activity of both Slovenian and foreign artists, and thereby enable inter-cultural dialogue.
The Cultural and Artistic Institute PerArtem was set up to provide:
•    cultural and artistic activities, 
•    education, 
•    organisation of events, 
•    and publishing.
Since 2015, we have been organizing a concert cycle in a Cekinov castle in Ljubljana and National Opera in Maribor. In two years, we provided 17 different repertoires and performed over 35 concerts and co-organization of concerts in Slovenia, Belgium, France, Swiss, Italy and India.
Місце розташування: 
46° 9' 4.4676" N, 14° 59' 43.6128" E
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Опис проекту: 
PerArtem Institute is searching for organisations around Europe to build a long-term partnership in field of Culture with special emphasis on classical music. PerArtem wants to participate in different project where classical music is main theme, in connection with other art forms. PerArtem Institute would like to: • participate in established culture events with our productions (in different festivals around Europe, other musical events, ); • to host musicians in our art song concert cycle in Ljubljana and Maribor called Glas iz davnine / Voice from the past; • participate or organising different non formal education, workshops, master-classes, conferences, etc. for musicians on different level of knowledge; • participate in different Civil society projects: how to use classical music as a toll for better understanding diversity of nationalities in EU, how can music contribute in more inclusive society.
Контакти: / Marko Ocvirk – director / / +386 31 649 479 Nejc Lavrenčič – artistic director/ +386 41 734 497
Параметри пошуку: 
Organizations / Institutions with focus on classical music (concerts and/or educational program) Music festivals
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