European Roma Theater - Contemporary Cultural Heritage Shapes Our Future_

"European Roma Theater - Contemporary Cultural Heritage Shapes Our Future"

Ukrainian organization-partner: National-cultural association "Amala"

Partners: Nok a Jovoert Egyesulet (Hungary), Asociatia pentru Promovarea Artelor Contemporane (Romania), Romano Svato Verein für transkulturelle Kommunikation (Austria)

Budget: 331 445,00 euros (Creative Europe covers 60 %)

Main objective of project is to build network of Roma theaters, show their performances in new countries reaching and sensitizing new audiences and build their own capacities through workshops and mentoring process to be more efficient and reach more people. The artists and groups will draft the strategy of the European Roma Theater Network together, which will ensure partnership opportunities for Roma theaters in Europe. Their work will be available in different languages, in professional videos. The Roma Theater will be known and highlighted as an entire part of the European Cultural Heritage, which is a value of Roma and non-Roma communities, too.