Zaleatro and Javier Montero


Culture sub-Program

Strand/category: Cooperation project 2020

Deadline: December 2019

Cultural operator: Zaleatro and Javier Montero

Short description

Zaleatro is a children and youth performance company with a highly social and educational approach to theatre, music and dance. Their members share a background in pedagogical researches. Besides, they try to develop a rather contemporary and crossover language.

Javier Montero is a playwright and theatre director who has develop a highly original performance language.

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Performance arts and theatre


We would like to take part in a Creative Europe project as a partner. We are looking for a leader, such as theatre companies, institutions, organizations, spaces, etc. that work with children and youth audiences.

We would like to develop a shared new performance and research project.

At the present moment, we are working on a new performance project in order to:

- Develop an artistic language mixing different mediums, registers, techniques, etc. from contemporary dance to acting, writing, improv, music and soundscapes, etc.

- Research on the impact of the mobile phones and social media on children and young people.

- Design a series of workshops in order to share tools and skills

developed during the work process.

- Develop new collaborations and partnerships.

- (with e.g. Context, Objectives, Impact/results, Activities, Targeted public…)

Partners searched

Countries: All eligible countries


Theatre and performance companies, Theatre and performance spaces, Cultural institutions, Educational institutions, etc.


We are performing our play “Esto no es un juego” (“This is not a game”) about bullying in many different schools and art centers in Madrid.

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