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Small Scale Cooperation Projects

Cultural operator – who are you?

Name of organisation 

Terrachidia ngo



Organisation website  www.terrachidia.es

Contact person 

Carmen Moreno, +34 679995950, [email protected]

Organisation type 

non-governmental organisation

Scale of the organization 

28.500 €

PIC number 

PIC: 909140940

Aims and activities of the  organisation 

Terrachidia  is  an  NGO  specialized  in  Cultural  Heritage  Preservation  which in  the following aims: 

- Restoration  and  promotion  of  architectural  and  cultural  heritage  as  local development tool. 

- Raising  awareness  and  working  for  the  preservation  of  intangible  heritage. 

- Training  and  awareness  raising  in  traditional  architecture  and  construction  as  an  effective  strategy  in  the  care  and  preservation  of  both local heritage and landscape and the environment in general. And  moving so towards a local-based and culture-based sustainability. 

Terrachidia works in  these  fields  through multiple works  developed in  Spain, Morocco and Mauritania since 2012 in collaboration with public  and privates entities. The singular methodology developed  for most of  those  works  combines  preservation  of  intangible  heritage,  restoration  of  architectural  heritage,  contribution  to  local  development,  and  training in these fields.  

This social working model makes local populations sensitive to the  relevance of protecting their traditional knowledge, their architectural  and landscape heritage and highlights some of the development  opportunities the preservation of this richness entails. 

The methodology of Terrachidia has produced the following outcomes  since 2012: 

- 15 historic buildings have been restored within the framework of the  aforementioned programs, as  the Project of the restoration in the  historic libraries in Chinguetti, Mauritania, listed as World Heritage Site  by UNESCO. 

- More than 400 people from over 25 different nationalities have, to  date, participated in the traditional architecture and construction  programs of Terrachidia. 

- More than 50 construction masters have been hired participating in  the restoration works carried out. With them, they have had the  opportunity to train a similar number of young apprentices in the work itself, also hired for this purpose. 

- Two guides has been published to promote the heritage in Morocco and Mauritania in order to reach a more responsible and culturally aware  kind of tourism.

Role of the organisation in  the project

project partner, we cannot assume the role of project leaders

Proposed Creative Europe project – to which project are you looking for partners? 

Sector or field 

Cultural heritage

Description or summary of  the proposed project

The Project aims to deepen and reveal the links between our ancestors  and European cultural identities. 

Establish study strategies and development opportunities for European  regions that are suffering the same abandonment problem as many  geographic areas from Spain.

Partners currently involved  in the project

We seek to establish contact with national and international partners to  develop a project to recover the local memory of places threatened by  depopulation.

Partners searched – which type of partner are you looking for?  

Preferred field of expertise 

cultural heritage, heritage interpretation, cultural tourism,  sustainability, community building , rural development

Projects searched – are you interested in participating in other EU projects as a  partner? 


Which kind of projects are  you looking for? 

We are looking for projects covering the field of cultural heritage,  heritage interpretation, cultural tourism, sustainability, community  building , rural development

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