Homeworld Kft.



Support to European Cooperation Projects 2021

Strand or category

Small Scale Cooperation Projects

Cultural operator – who are you?

Name of organisation

Homeworld Kft. (Homeworld Ltd.)



Organisation website


Contact person

István Mihalcsik, [email protected], +36309608271

Organisation type

Private for-profit organisation

Scale of the organization

1 person, 10 M HUF

PIC number


Aims and activities of the organisation

The aim of our project is to publish a twentieth-century historical background in the light of the current press, to present it in an age-appropriate way.

Our project is not only a media interface, our offline activities are also active, such as: historical quiz, QUIZ games and unusual history lessons. Our further goal is to get into the bloodstream of digital education by interweaving the everyday life of online and offline education.

Role of the organisation in the project

Our organization believes the project will help with offline and digital education. Color and expand the pedagogical tools and add topics to get to know our history as well as possible.

Previous EU grants received

We have no previous EU grants

Proposed Creative Europe project – to which project are you looking for partners?

Sector or field

Cultural heritage

Description or summary of the proposed project

We are looking for projects that work on the central theme of cultural heritage, focusing primarily on the twentieth century. In addition, we are looking for links to educational projects that focus on history education or press history.

Partners currently involved in the project

There are no partners in our project.

Partners searched – which type of partner are you looking for? 

From country or region

Focus on neighbourhood Slovenscina, Cestina, Hrvatski, Romana, Polski but searching partners from other country in European Union

Preferred field of expertise

Cultural heritage

Please get in contact no later than

We have no time limit

Projects searched – are you interested in participating in other EU projects as a partner?


Which kind of projects are you looking for?

Cultural heritage, Press history, History education

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