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Small Scale Cooperation Projects

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Belgrade, Serbia

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1. Artepunkt, main office: [email protected]

2. Dejan Jankovic, founder, theater director and creator of project:[email protected], +381600294329

3. Stefan Dzeparoski, theater director and creator of project: [email protected]

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Non-profit organisation

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10 employees

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Aims and activities of the organisation

Artepunkt is a nationally and internationally independent company of artists who make work for all aspects of theater and visual arts. We are based in Belgrade (Serbia), Oslo (Norway), Vienna ( Austria) where we develop and perform our multimedia work. Artepunkt was created by stage director and producer Dejan Jankovic.

The power of art can communicate in surprising ways. Therefore, we connect artist and the ordinary man in searching for life and new art language which can communicate with everybody on the world map.

With theatre makers of all kind of artistic backgrounds, we are creating a innovative, encouraging project that explore, deconstruct and critique shape, content and social issues of postmodern world.

Our unique programs are designed to support intercultural, multidisciplinary work that does not fit into a conventional programming agenda and encourage outside-the-box thinking and innovative, genre-bending work.

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project partner/ project leader 

Proposed Creative Europe project – to which project are you looking for partners?

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Theater Arts, Digital Art, Arts and Technology, Art Pedagogue

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TransTheatrics festival is a network of grassroots venues and educational/promotional/producing platform for re-establish

mobility and new co-operation models between the Western Balkan independent theater companies and rest of Europe.

The crisis of Covid-19 has revealed another crisis within performing arts sector. The inability of independent companies to circulate on the cultural map of Europe and gain new experiences in artistic transcultural practice calls into question its further survival in the new circumstances of pandemic and post-pandemic society.

It is the crisis of disappearance of classic venues where independent theatre starts and grows.

Without the existence of a new concept of performing, theater space, creation and collaboration, the survival and work of independent artists as in the capacity before the pandemic is impossible. Gentrification, transformation into post-capitalist society, and number of political reasons unique to each European country make the existence of venues that are available and accessible to independent theatre impossible. Venues play an important role in the cultural ecology in each country and in a larger European context.

TransTheatrics FESTIVAL is working towards better communication among venues, and developing shared business and new artistic models. In learning how to improve the venues have the opportunity to strengthen and make the entire independent theatrescene more sustainable.

This big transformation starts on grassroots level. TransTheatrics FESTIVAL is envisioned as multi-year round educational, cooperation and producing project tailored towards grassroots venues and independent theatre.

The project connects venues, theatre professionals, governmental decision makers with the aim of building the new kind of network for the betterment of European

theatre future.

TransTheatrics FESTIVAL promotes productions, exploration and promotion of new theatrical forms (such as Digital Theatre), educational programs and creative exchange in Europe wide context.

Partners searched – which type of partner are you looking for?

From country or region

Western Balkan, All European regions

Preferred field of expertise

Theatre companies, international festivals,similar institutions whose practice is based on the development of arts and education projects, as well as on cultural mediation processes.

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Theater Arts, Festivals, Digital Art, Arts and Technology, Art Pedagogue, Street Art, Perfomance, Art books and comics


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