Strand or category

Cooperation projects, networks, platforms, mobility for artists and cultural professionals, and policy development

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Contact person

Jokin Telleria | [email protected]

Organisation type

Private for profit organisation

Scale of the organization

4 employees, more than 80 events, international award

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Aims and activities of the organisation

Cultural projects such as festivals, concerts and innovative projects. Electronic and avant-garde music is the common thread element but we work with a lot of artistic disciplines.

Role of the organisation in the project


Proposed Creative Europe project – to which project are you looking for partners?

Sector or field

Creative and cultural

Description or summary of the proposed project

Dantz Point is a multidisciplinary cultural project that unites avant-garde electronic music with culture and spaces, creating DJ sessions and electronic artists in emblematic places. These sessions are recorded with various cameras and drones to later create an audiovisual archive. This file is edited and shared on different digital platforms through “streaming” in a false direct format. Dantz Point is a project that began in Euskadi, Spain, but the idea is to expand to more and more areas and territory.

The objective of Dantz Point is to bring, disseminate and promote culture, eliminating barriers to access to culture, in this way, achieving cooperation between different territories, eliminating cultural and social barriers.

This all mixed, generates a creative environment that strengthens and encourages professionals and agents in the artistic sector to take part. In addition, it encourages the emergence of new links between professional actors and artists.

Concepts such as the digitization of culture, cross-border collaboration, addressing the gender gap, environmental sustainability, or cultural and artistic innovation are part of the DNA of this project.

 A flexible and innovative initiative that promotes the digitization of culture. Culture, heritage, architecture, new technologies, tradition, history, tourism, art, music, ... all driven by the same project.

That is why we are looking for partners to take the project to the next step and translate it to different parts of Europe.

Partners currently involved in the project

In process

Partners searched – which type of partner are you looking for?

Preferred field of expertise

Culture and arts.

Please get in contact no later than

Summer 2021

Projects searched – are you interested in participating in other EU projects as a partner?


Which kind of projects are you looking for?

Projects related with music, arts and creation of new actions in fashion, heritage, culture.


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