Asociación Viver Creatiu


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Asociación Viver Creatiu/



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Xavier Ferrer [email protected] +34698321834

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Association non-governmental organisation

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4 employees

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Viver Creatiu is the Association for the promotion of the creative economy, which is part of a global network created by the UN, the UNCTAD creative economy network and Europe-Latinamerica Network for Creative economy, we also colaborate with Distrito Digital Comumidad Valenciana, digital hub of Valencia region, to work on the digital transformation of the creative and cultural industries and the innovation of their business models.”Our organisation is also the organiser of the first digital creative hub in our geographical area, is a unique and exclusive virtual space for debate, reflection, consultancy, high quality contents and meetings between professionals from the European and Latin American creative sectors, as UNESCO recognized, recently. Our aims are :Promotion of the Creative Economy, Digital Creative hub. New business modeling, education and leadership in creative industries , digital transformation, entrepreneurship, management of creative hubs, high quality contents related, creative industries in general, networking in LATAM area, networking between creative and non creative sectors.

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Creative Economy networking as described below

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