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Small Scale Cooperation Projects

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[email protected] ; (+34) 646953018

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Private non-profit organisation

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 LaRubiaProducciones is a DIY record label. Initially open to all kinds of music proposals that Nuria, its founder, would fall in love with, she soon had to put a filter: only the works of bands in which at least one woman participated would be released. And this is still the case today where you could find "rubireferences" ranging from metal, garage, grunge, post- punk, shoegaze, avant-jazz...

In its four years of existence, the label's work consists of helping to release the physical editions of the works of these bands, especially on vinyl (although not exclusively) and making as much noise as possible in the media and social networks. Giving love and accompanying the artists in the up & downs is also part of the philosophy of the house.

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 The Rubihaus is the label's new project: a meeting point, a hub of innovation where through new technologies, the music of the "rubifamily" can reach even further in pandemics times. It is a Bauhaus revisited, in the middle of that world heritage city called Alcalá de Henares. Music sounds better, food tastes better, when you share them. We are somehow a new hipster commune brought together by a love of music around a barbecue. Everything is possible at the Rubihaus. We are committed to use new technologies to provide a platform from which to welcome, share and showcase artists to the whole planet.

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Music, innovation

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15th August 2021

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Promotion of emerging female musicians


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