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Cooperation Projects

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CRL - Central Elétrica



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Ana Carvalhosa - [email protected] +351 936272636

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Non-profit organization (Cooperative)

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7 employees

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Aims and activities of the organisation

CRL – Central Elétrica is a creation and residencies center based in Porto (Portugal), installed in Porto’s old thermoelectric power station.

CRL (short for CiRcoLando and CentRaL) is a project under the artistic direction of André Braga and Cláudia Figueiredo that develops activity in the area of

disciplinary crossovers, with a focus on performing arts.

Over our 21-year career, we have created more than 30 shows, have been present in 21 countries and have consolidated a creation center that currently hosts more than 30 artists per year, under various grants and programs.

CRL – Central Elétrica also organizes a multidisciplinary Festival called “Volts” and other programs throughout the year, closely connected with the artists-in-residence.

At the core of CRL – Central Elétrica is the idea of a permanent laboratory, a place to investigate, experiment, create and share. A place of intersection of generations and geographies, of artists at different stages of their journey: more or less emergent, more or less consolidated.

Identity, memory, eco-thinking, geopoetics, southern views, colonization/decolonization are the topics that have been occupying us recently.

Post-industrial heritage, work on the archive and memory are other areas that interest us.

Another axis of interest is artistic mediation and audience development, working with surrounding territories and communities (periphery, rural-urban, neighborhood communities).

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All countries

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Performing arts, interdisciplinary projects, artistic residences, creative labs, multidisciplinary festival, dance & theatre creation, cultural and artistic mediation

Projects searched – are you interested in participating in other EU projects as a partner?


Which kind of projects are you looking for?

Depending on the project to be developed, our participation can take various forms:

. Development of residency programs, laboratories and workshops: preferably in the field of performing arts, but can also include music and/or visual arts

. Organization and hosting of meetings / programmatic cycles related to the topic to be investigated

. Creation projects: may focus on different artistic languages and take on different formats, depending on what will be defined. Our most developed area of activity is the performing arts, but alongside more conventional projects, we have a particular taste for exploring hybrid formats and with multidisciplinary teams: site-specific walking performances, performance-installations, video, laboratory-workshops.

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