Lisbon Architecture Triennale



European Cooperation Projects 2021

Strand or category

Small Scale Cooperation Projects

Name of organisation

Lisbon Architecture Triennale



Organisation website

Contact person

Joana Salvado; [email protected]

Organisation type

Non-profit Association with the status of Public Utility

Scale of the organization

Number of employees: 10

Provisional annual budget: aprox. 800.000 EURO

PIC number


Aims and activities of the organisation

The Lisbon Triennale regularly projects and produces different initiatives and every three years organises a large forum for debate, reflection and dissemination that crosses disciplinary and geographic boundaries. Apart from organising its main event, the Triennale produces much more, for instance, the Architecture Conferences, which bring to Lisbon architecture world renowned names. Annually, organise Open House Lisboa and at its headquarters, at Palácio Sinel de Cordes, the Lisbon Triennale organises and welcomes events in multiple formats, that form the cultural program of the palace, open to the general public.

Role of the organisation in the project

Project Partner

Previous EU grants received

Future Architecture Platform: europe/projects/ce-project-details/#project/591499-CREA-4- 2020-1-SI-CULT-PLAT

Sector or field

Architecture, Arts and Technology and Cultural Heritage, Circular economy, Sustainability, Art Education, Accessibility

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Countries participating in the Creative Europe Programme

Preferred field of expertise

Project Manager, Architecture, Education, Cultural events

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Which kind of projects are you looking for?

Cultural projects connected with contemporary architecture, technology and accessibility, youth educational programmes and workshops

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