Eva Duda Dance Company



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Small Scale Cooperation Projects

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Eva Duda Dance Company



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Erika Partig-Kis; [email protected]

Ágnes Huszár; [email protected]

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Non-profit organisation

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15 people

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Aims and activities of the organisation 

Our mission is to make contemporary art, most of all contemporary dance accessible and understandable to new audiences and new social layers.

Eva Duda Dance Company is one of the best established independent contemporary dance groups in Hungary. Through our work we try to build a bridge between well-known and more progressive genres. This bridge helps people understand and enjoy unconventionality, irregularity, abstraction and complexity in dance.We find it important to work on important social issues through art. Collaborations have been crucial for us since the start, and we often invite and host guest artists both from in - and outside of Hungary.

Our repertoire is built up by several small scale and a few bigger shows, ranging from simple, intimate duos and trios to multidisciplinary performances including dancers, actors, circus artists and musicians. All of them are visually expressive performances from progressive contemporary pieces to high quality theatre shows involving live music and new circus elements.

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Contemporary dance, Performing arts, Videomaking, Environmental artistic products

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Our aim is to make a shortmovie series about the crisis of climate change and the effect of human civilization using contemporary dance as an expressive artistic tool. 

The episodes raise awareness by involving crucial topics of losing the purity of drinkable water, garbage situation, biodiversity, protection of our natural heritage, decrease of the animal population, conscious shopping, individual responsibility, recycling. The shooting will take place on various, mostly outdoor spots where there will be sight specific choreographies.

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Open to all countries participating in the Creative Europe Programme

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Performing arts, visual arts, environment protective organisations

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performing arts, videomaking, environmental artistic products, sustainability

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