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Small Scale Cooperation Projects

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Mr Vassilis Myrianthopoulos

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Regional and Municipal Theatre of Kozani

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7-10 persons

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The Regional and Municipal Theater of Kozani was founded in 1997 and to date,  is housed in the venue called House of Arts. Since its foundation, the institution of Di.Pe.The. has managed to gain recognition in the consciousness not only from the citizens of the city and the greater region, but also nationally, having hosted on its stage an abundnce of artistic works, often of international caliber.

As for the theater itself, it consists of the Central Stage (with an auditorium of 600 seats), equipped with modern sound and lighting systems.

The Alternative Stage (Black Box), with 80 seats, the Atrium of 570m2 and The Open Air Theater of Kozani which is used primarily for any production taking place during the summer months. The latter has 700 seats and is located in the municipal park.

Our activities so far are organizing productions for all kind of permorming arts, holding educational programmes for individuals at every age, managing collaborations with other theatre companies, and promoting the community theatre companies in the area.

Our aim is to expand our activities in establishing theatre festivals, or participating in one of them, collaborating with theatre companies in Europe, experimenting with international established artists or actors in various modern forms of performing arts and encouraging innovative youth projects with other countries.

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performing arts

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Any country participating the programme

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Performing arts

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Performing arts

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