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Small / Medium Scale Cooperation Projects

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Sunomono sl



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Albert Vergés

[email protected]. +34 637209570 Erika Mack [email protected] +34 615416072

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private for profit organisation

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Visual arts promotion / communication

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Creative Europe Platforms

While Sunomono ( is a long-established audiovisual production company based in Barcelona, Spain, its members have a keen interest in the discovery and dissemination of emerging artists.

Its director, Albert Verges ( is a Catalan artistic producer who uses digital codes to dislocate the public space with social messages. In this line of art as a political tool, the Sunomono team wants to participate in proposals capable of generating conversations between emerging European visual artists who, through their work, make a critique of contemporary issues such as climate change, gentrification and rural culture.

Thanks to our expertise in visual design, audiovisual editing and event production, we are ideal partners to implement European platform projects both digitally and physically.

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