ARCCSL - Carpintarias de São Lázaro



Creative Europe Culture 2021-2027

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Small Scale Cooperation Projects

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ARCCSL - Carpintarias de São Lázaro



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Fernando Belo, general director: [email protected]

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Public organization, non-governmental organization, private non-for profit cultural association

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5 employees

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Aims and activities of the organisation

Carpintarias de São Lázaro is a cultural center located in Lisbon. In the former building of an industrial carpentry workshop, it opened to the public as a cultural center in 2017 presenting 2 major international exhibitions. The building has 2000sqm, 3 major floors (Floor 0, Floor 1 and a Rooftop Terrace) each one prepared to host multiple programming formats, as you can learn more about here. After adaptation works on the building, it reopened in 2019, with a regular and multidisciplinary programming featuring visual arts, performing arts, music, dance, theatre, gastronomy and sharing of knowledge trough debates. What we do? We propose integration through culture, where creativity, innovation and multidisciplinary intersections create the opportunity to bring people, communities, and knowledge together. Our programming is focused on various cultural fields, encouraging the cross cutting of issues and areas in a perspective of contamination and as a complementary offer to the city's current cultural agenda In addition to our regular programming, we invite people to submit their own proposals. We also develop artistic residencies such as AiR Carpintarias (for foreign artists non-based in Portugal) or Music Buskers (which invites street musicians to share its musical and life knowledge, through workshops) to which we seek to add new ones in the future. We aim to closely follow the artists at the different levels of their career’s development and residencies are key tool for that. Regarding AiR, one of our main goals is to create bonds with several multicultural communities that live nearby, composed of people with a migration background, now settled in Lisbon. Therefore, we team up with local organizations and institutions that can involve elder people, excluded youngsters, people with disabilities, trying to include those whose access to culture might be more difficult by putting them working together with artists and creators on several projects presented in Carpintarias’ programming. Over the years, the Cultural Center has established partnerships with festivals and biennials as well as several collaborations with other festivals in the area of film, dance or music. 

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All participating countries

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Sustainable cultural tourism; co-creation; performing arts; 


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As soon as possible

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We are open to partner up with proposals in the field of  performing arts, visual arts, arts and technology, as well as 

music, either for our annual program or artistic residencies. We are also willing to work together with other organizations to  promote conferences or seminar programs to debate key issues  for the development of our future societies.


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