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Small or Medium Scale Cooperation Projects

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CREAMODITE is a non-profit Association of art and design  studios that aims to boost businesses and recover the value of  creative industries.

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The needs of the association change according to the projects,  which is why we do not have permanent employees, but we  work with countless freelancers and companies that collaborate  with the 350 member companies of CREAMODITE.

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CREAMODITE is a non-profit Association of art and design studios that aims to boost businesses and recover the value of creative industries. CREAMODITE It was founded in 2017 with the aim of valuing the work carried out by the creative sector and promoting regular meetings between the trade, the designer or artist and the consumer in order to establish scenarios that invigorate the sector. To achieve this goal, CREAMODITE offers a catalog of experiences where the public actively participates, which allows us to educate through entertainment. We create and disseminate content from artists and art and design shops in Madrid without distinction. Our main means of dissemination are the participation of dance shows, catwalks, performances, exhibitions, installations, congresses, social networks, podcasts, entertainment programs on the YouTube channel, master classes and workshops. Our main events are 1. BEHIND THE SCENES 2. FASHION AND METHOD

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high-end 360/3D/VR/AR content creation and deployment and animation

Please get in contact no later than

1st of march 2022

Projects searched – are you interested in participating in other EU projects as a partner?


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Fashion design, catwalks, performances, performing arts, festival, metaverse, 3D in art and design.

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