Still Pilgrim Paradox



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Small Scale Cooperation Projects

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Still Pilgrim Paradox



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Stella Fotiadi, [email protected]

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Non profit organisation

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2 members

Aims and activities of the organisation 

The organisation focuses on artistic and educational experimentation in the field of contemporary dance, relies on creative collaborations, and seeks extraversion. Furthermore, it works towards the widening of the audience of contemporary dance, paying special attention to the engagement of young audiences, through granted and approved dance programs that take place in primary and secondary schools in Greece.

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project partner (we don’t exclude the possibility of being project leaders)

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Contemporary dance/Performative arts/Education

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The program we run in Greek schools since 2019 consists of a short dance performance with a following feedback session between the artists and the students and a dance workshop that leads to a short performance of the participants. Everything takes place in the school. 

Our program has received three times the aegis and the funding of the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports, the funding of Flux Laboratory and has been created in collaboration with Duncan Dance Research Center. In 2021 and 2022 it has received the approval of the Greek Ministry of Education. 

Each year we bring something new to our dance program. Such as new collaborators, experimentation with different dance styles, new artistic and educational ideas and new ways of engaging our audience.

We would like to create a network with partners who are also interested in introducing contemporary dance and performative arts to schools in their country. This network could mean exchanging ideas, collaborate artistically and educationally, travelling, building a communication bridge between students of different countries, even creating a common performance with a group of students from different countries.

Of course we are open to any proposals, ideas, thoughts a partner may have.

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From country or region

We are open to all partners interested.

Preferred field of expertise 

Contemporary dance (but also other dance styles e.g. hip hop), education, performative arts

Please get in contact no later than


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In projects that agree with the aims and activities of our organization.

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