Olympus eagles/Olympolis art project



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Olympus eagles/Olympolis art project


Greece /Pieria/Katerini

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Anastasios Papanastasiou [email protected] [email protected]

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No profit cultural union

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Small 2 period employees

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Creativity,inspiration,demochrasy,social cohesion,gender equality,diversity,globalization,hospitality,cultural heritage,local gastronomy,environment policies,new technologies,education for children and youths,

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Prometheus I(ANNIS)X(ENAKIS) is a polythematic hybrid on going festival and brings together at one stage Music ,dance and visual arts and more.Is dedicated to the 100 aniverssary of birth of the pionner Greek-France composer, math and musician one of the pionner for the electronic music .here you can watch our first step on November https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ywqXaXdOPQ&t=65s&ab_channel=Olympolis ArtProject

Also xenakis at late 60s transform mathematics to music via a drowning computer called UPIC and until these days is a very unique in action for children and youths and we try to make it more attractive via VR and AR methods ,like also a independed project but conneted straight with Prometheus IX.

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From all eligibile countries.we are looking for Percasionists ,dancers ,poetrys,voise artists,visual artists,active organizations,cultural advisors,cities for venues, or experts to help us to growth up our project and participate on that in any kind of the total content.

Preferred field of expertise

Performing arts,cultural heritage,music,dance,literature,theater VR and AR technologies,

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E.g. 1st of March of 2022

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We are based at the down hills of mount Olympus a world famous thought destination and we believe that we have the privilege to involve with extra bonus in a rural cultural turism,local heritaige, ,green and environment EUprogram. We try to established a VR and in real bike tour a mythical path of 80km on Olympus and Pieria mountain the homelamd of 9 Mouses ,Apollo and Orpheus.Also the beuty of the nature,the forests, the river, the waterfalls,the intangible heritage, the easy acces,the transportation facilities of our region can be a very important cultural route for a European cluster.we like to offer the opurtunity for artists to have inspiration and creativity with physical or virtual participation.The project called THE LUMINUS OLYMPUS OF ALEXANDER because also our land is main part of anchient Macedonian kingdom of Great Alexander and before his campaign to Asia make a big ceremony at Dion and to the temple of Apollo at Pythio also part of our route. Also in our route we present paleolythic animalfinds,castles, sanatorys,adabded villages, caves and many more specific and interest sites.


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