Cultural and Museum Education Hellenic Center – Exploration Children’s Museum

Greece, Crete

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Call: Support to European Cooperation Projects 2022

Strand or category: Medium / Larger-scale Cooperation Projects 

Name of organisation

Cultural and Museum Education Hellenic Center – Exploration Children’s Museum 

Country: Greece, Crete

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Contact person:

Alexandra Maravelia, 6948 822 622, [email protected]

Organisation type:

Non-governmental organization, private no-profit organization

Aims and activities of the organisation:

Exploration Children’s Museum is the first mobile children’s museum in Greece and one of the first mobile European children’s museums in 21st century. Exploration travels everywhere with our luggage, exhibits, collections and interpreters, giving visitors the opportunity to explore and discover the culture through play! Meeting the learning needs and interests of children and families, we create transformational learning experiences focusing on our cultural, natural and technological heritage. We offer children the opportunity to understand and explore both themselves and their world through mobile interactive exhibits and hands-on activities by creating new cultural experiences. Motivating the learning process as an "experience", we encourage visitors to understand objects and meanings by connecting them to their own life and their own experiences. We provide equal opportunities for exploration and discovery, encouraging children to learn in a way that is close enough to their own nature. Exploration is dedicated to activating the "creative spark" of exploration and play, by creating a safe and welcoming environment where everyone can participate equally. As a mobile cultural center for children and their families, we encourage curiosity and imagination, promote play and creativity, enhance informal and lifelong learning. 

Role of the organisation in the project: Project partner

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Sector or field

Cultural heritage, arts and technology, history and science, education 

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Preferred field of expertise

Expertise at museum & cultural education, handson/interactive activities & exhibitions, children’s museums, mobile / travelling museum

Which kind of projects are you looking for?

Projects for the development of programs for the cultural heritage education through hands-on and interactive activities for children and their families

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