Wansdronk Architektuur


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Call: Support to European Cooperation Projects 2022

Strand or category: Small, Medium, Large Scale Cooperation Projects

Name of organisation

Wansdronk Architektuur

Country: Netherlands

Organisation website: wansdronk.com

Contact person:

Renee Wansdronk

Organisation type:


Aims and activities of the organisation:

Wansdronk develops a solar energy, low exergy and zero emission building concept, with an integrated seasonal storage system, without energy losses, supplying indoor heating and hot tap water. The building concept is suitable for free-standing, connected, or high-rise residential and utility buildings in all climate zones.

Role of the organisation in the project: architect innovator

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CREA-CULT-2022-COOP-1/2/3 project proposals

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CREA-CULT-2022-COOP-1/2/3 project proposals

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