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Small Scale Cooperation Projects

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Virginia Vassilakou – Project Manager, [email protected] / [email protected]

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Non-Profit Civil Partnership

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CHORUS is a non-profit organisation founded to build a bridge between arts, education and society. It was established in 2016 in Eleusis by active and engaged citizens active in the cultural, creative and educational sectors.

Its mission is to promote humanitarian principles and values, to trigger public debate and mobilise the public on key social issues, to support the proactiveness of the Civil Society, as well as to foster respect for the rights of each individual through contemporary artistic creation, education and cultural activity in general. In order to design and implement its projects, it collaborates with teams, organisations and individuals within and beyond Greece.

Projects: Cultural projects, music performances, theatre & dance productions, book readings, poetry readings, cultural tours, educational/study abroad programs

Participation in Tandem Cultural Capitals program

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Participation in a project through the European Regional Development Fund for the above projects.

Awaiting previous CE results

Proposed Creative Europe project – to which project are you looking for partners?

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Performing Arts, Social Science

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We are looking for project partners to join a small scale proposal to implement a cross-sectoral project merging performing arts and social science


An artist-led project that explores, brings together and expands the impact of the endless, rarely documented, but rich, culturally diverse fragments of history hidden in community-based, unspoken collective memories. In a time of increased, impersonal globalisation, the importance of transmitting intangible heritage, knowledge, myths, skills and lore serves an urgent need for the creation of a new sustainable ecosphere.

Hidden histories of marginalised personalities which constitute each community, are traditional, contemporary and representative of the colourful fabric that Europe is woven into. 

Performing artists are invited to collaborate with social researchers, in order to engage with local communities, collect these specific fragments of unwritten heritage which have formed each of these communities.

Through art residency schemes and capacity building workshops, a replicable methodology will be created, performing artists will be urged to co-create and produce artworks, and attend workshops involving social scientists, civil society and cultural actors.

Project activities:

  • Artist mobility, 
  • research with the community / community engagement, 
  • capacity building for artists & cultural orgs on:
  • Showcase of artworks

Partners currently involved in the project

CHORUS (Greece)

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Performing arts organisations/teams, cultural organisations, Social sciences

Please get in contact no later than

1st of March 2022

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