ZIGZAG – Association Zigônez


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European Cooperation projects Small Scale

Cultural operator – who are you?

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ZIGZAG – Association Zigônez



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Contact person

Matt K’Danet – [email protected]

Organisation type

association - entertainment contractor license 

Scale of the organization

1 to 10

Aims and activities of the organisation 

Create works of art and artistic techniques related to people with disabilities.

Role of the organisation in the project

Project leader - instigator of a device around the technique of accompanied improvisations.

Previous EU grants received

no subsidy received.

Proposed Creative Europe project – to which project are you looking for partners?

Sector or field

Theater – live performance

Description or summary of the proposed project

ZIGZAG (Association Zigônez) is a young adapted theater company with 22 years of experience (we have just created the professional company). We have been spotted at the European level (In 2018, BALBUTIO was noticed as an example of excellence by the European CIAE program of EASPD) identifying and acclaiming good practices and in terms of support through the arts. In addition, we have created a very innovative show, Balbutio, whose active principle is based on the technique of accompanied improvisations, and which revolves around short sequences with people with disabilities from the public and unknown to our team, without selection nor prerequisites, invited to play around relational objects, with the aim of exploring playful and creative exchanges. The guest is accompanied by an actor (an accompanying actor) and an improvising pianist.

In the context of the Creative Europe system, we are looking for European partners, aware of the questions of the arts in connection with disabilities or vulnerabilities, interested in the Balbutio show but also in the technique of accompanied improvisations, a new mediation technique at the origin of the show, which concerns people with disabilities, even severe ones, actors and theater students who can discover and train in this type of acting (jumping into the void), musicians who can learn to improvise live around sequences narratives played, but also the parents and carers of people with disabilities who can become aware of a technique that allows them to forge links with their parents differently, through the play. Finally, the exploration aroused by our device can concern the students and professionals of design and scenography, with "relational objects", scenic toys that are placed in the heart of the play, to potentially trigger the play and the relationship between two people.  

Partners currently involved in the project

The model for this show was spotted by the Ton festival (Centrum Kultury Wrocław-Zachód) in Poland and a video recording was broadcast during the 2020 edition.

This festival could be a partner again for a "live" experience of Balbutio.

Partners searched – which type of partner are you looking for? 

From country or region

No preference, any country, with pleasure

Preferred field of expertise 

disability, culture, theaters, theater and music education, associations of parents of people with disabilities, medico-social institutions.

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Which kind of projects are you looking for? 

disability, culture, theaters

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