Det Flyvende Teater


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Det Flyvende Teater



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Linda Sugataghy, creative producer

[email protected]

Organisation type

non-profit organization - cultural association

Scale of the organization

3 / 10 members

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Aims and activities of the organisation

The newest format of THE FLYING THEATRE fit into a multi-year series of artistic works where we have focused on the alterity.

We assumed different important social roles and we created an osmosis between art and the local reality. In the past six years, we have interacted through the community based performance project Kunstpartiet (The Art Party) as politicians, police officers, paramedics, activists and museum guardians, in an organic process of development, research and integration into the Danish society, with the aim of creating also new communities, and reviving them through a daily contact with arts and culture. Moving always on the blurred edge between reality and fiction.

Role of the organisation in the project

Project leader

Previous EU grants received

Check the last international project of the “Artbulance", which was exported during pandemic from Denmark to the Visegrad countries in 2021:

We have participated in the past as artists and pedagogues in two large scale EU Projects: Caravan and Caravan Next.

Proposed Creative Europe project – to which project are you looking for partners?

Sector or field

performing arts, festival and events

Description or summary of the proposed project

We want to export the Flying Theatre's sustainable concept (fly low / fly high) in other European and international airports, based on the pilot project we are developing at Billund Airport during 2021/2022. We intend to arrange artistic residencies in each country and to involve local creatives and actors as part of our special flight crew. The aim is to offer both to the passengers and the citizens memorable and uplifting experiences during their journey, in the city and at the local airport (land side / air side): opera at gates, performances in the waiting area, concert shows at the luggage area, theatre performances in hangars, urban spaces, etc. We will promote the revitalisation of local community life after the recent months of lockdown and general isolation. Our aim is to activate a wave of hope for the future, through art. /


- Cooperation between cultural institutions and businesses

- Reach audiences in a venue other than the theatre space

- Theatre and art events in unexpected settings



We surprise and reach the audience where they do not expect performing arts to happen, in a positive and inclusive way, with smile and hope.

Social inclusion

We will give a special attention to disable people during travel situations. We will collaborate with the ground crew to entertain them, as it has already happened during our pilot project.


We work thematically with the green transition, through the content of our performances and also, from a practical point reducing our footprint during the project: for example by using ground transportation for moving our crew of artists from a country to another whenever it is possible, or choosing sustainable accommodation options, like f. ex. airbnb versus hotels.


The core of the project itself is international as it will include airports in Europe and even outside the EU. We would like to grab attention to our common values and create a connection through our performances between the random passengers from various countries, such easing the stress in travel situation and find moments they can share and enjoy together.


We can make use the airports' s digital systems to disseminate our activities (video screens, voice over recordings and web).

Sector-specific priorities

We promote the cross-border circulation of European arts and music export beyond EU borders in international airports, involving also local artists to take part in our artistic activities. The base elements of the project are culture and travel, such promoting and connecting especially these two sectors

Partners currently involved in the project

DOO performing arts (IT)

Partners searched – which type of partner are you looking for?

From country or region

Preferably, but not exclusively, from Germany, Belgium, Netherland, Luxembourg, etc.

Preferred field of expertise

Performing arts, visual arts, music, festival and events

Please get in contact no later than


Projects searched – are you interested in participating in other EU projects as a partner?


Which kind of projects are you looking for?

Performing arts events in unexpected settings

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