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Associação Cultural FOME



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Margarida Mata; [email protected] ; +351915427755

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non-governmental organisation

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2 employees part time, 4 freelancers

Aims and activities of the organisation 

FOmE is a non-profit Cultural Association whose activity is based on an independent magazine that presents and reflects on the work of emerging artists from different areas such as painting, photography, urban art, drawing, sculpture or photography.

In addition to publishing, FOmE is dedicated to promoting events such as exhibitions, concerts and urban art interventions that promote the work of emerging artists in peripheral territories. FOmE operates mainly on the South Bank of the Tagus – the other side of Lisbon characterized by industrialized or non-urban territories, inhabited by people who work mainly in the capital or in large factories along the Tagus.

Since 2018, FOmE has worked with almost a hundred artists, edited eight magazines, and participated in important projects such as Festivals and Programs in the field of the arts. We highlight the partnership with the Setúbal Performing Arts Festival, the programming within the scope of the Moledo Acontece and the project FIAR – a performing arts festival. In 2021 we were responsible for registering and producing a printed catalog –book– at the Loures Arte Pública Festival – an urban art project that takes place in disadvantaged neighborhoods on the outskirts of Lisbon.

In 2022, supported by the Ministry of Culture, FOmE will start the Kaleidoscope Project - a programming cycle consisting of an exhibition, a concert, and a magazine edition. Kaleidoscope emphasizes the itinerant nature of FOmE within a peripheral territory and will take place in three cities on the outskirts of Lisbon.

FOmE is also committed to developing projects to bring audiences closer to emerging arts and that's why in 2022 it launched a Podcast that addresses, in an informal way, the work of young artists from different areas, giving them a new space for speech.

As a way of financing the work of FOME, the team has contributed with the creation of visual identity, design of communication materials and management of social media platforms for cultural projects such as Shows and Festivals.

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project partner

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visual arts, literature, architecture, arts and technology, other fields

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All CE participating countries

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Communication, design, Editorial design, streetart

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As soon as possible

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Audience development projects focused on the visual arts; magazine editing; emerging artists curation

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