Cultural operator – who are you? 

Call: European Cooperation Projects 2022 

Strand or category: Small Cooperation Projects

Name of organisation


Country: Spain

Organisation website:

Contact person:

Agustina Patiño, [email protected], +34671244285

Organisation type:

Private for profit organisation  

Aims and activities of the organisation:

We improve the quality of life of citizens by activating their cultural resources. We are experts in connecting citizens and institutions with their cultural heritage through efficient projects. We work with innovation, creativity and closeness to people. Main activities: advice on urban acupuncture, training workshops and citizen participation, certification in innovation in the management of cultural heritage. 

Role of the organisation in the project: Project partner

Proposed Creative Europe project – to which project are you looking for partners? 

Sector or field

Cultural heritage, arts and technology, education, innovation, citizen participation

From country or region

All participating countries

Preferred field of expertise

Cultural heritage, new technologies, innovation, local development, education, citizen participati

Which kind of projects are you looking for?

I would be interested in projects that involve the management of cultural heritage from an innovative perspective, incorporating new technologies or methodologies, without losing sight of the impact of culture on the development of cities. I am also interested in projects on museums and cultural spaces that seek to incorporate new technologies such as artificial intelligence.

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