Contorno Urbano Foundation


Cultural operator – who are you? 

Call: Support to European Cooperation Projects 2022

Strand or category: Small scale Cooperation Projects

Name of organisation

Contorno Urbano Foundation

Country: Spain

Organisation website:

Contact person:

Esteban Marín, [email protected]

Organisation type:

Not for profit arts organization

Aims and activities of the organisation:

Our mission is to improve the quality of life of people by promoting social participation to intervene in their public space, schools, etc. We want to strengthen social participation for a more active society, committed and aware of its power for change in its environment. Through interventions in micro-urbanism, public art and participatory processes, we want to reverse the pathologies and chronic deficiencies of our cities in order to improve them and make them more sustainable and efficient. We understand the need to change the current dynamics and make the cities more participatory for the whole population, empowering and empowering people to make the relevant changes and foster a culture of participation.

Role of the organisation in the project: Project partner

Proposed Creative Europe project – to which project are you looking for partners? 

Sector or field

visual arts/architecture

From country or region

All elegible countries

Preferred field of expertise

Visual arts and sustainability

Which kind of projects are you looking for?

We are looking for projects on cultural democratization, mediation, shared knowledge and exchange programs of artist’s residencies on art and sustainability, and architecture. 

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