Tampere Hall


Sector: Performing arts and innovation (culture and business)

Name of organization: Tampere Hall

Contact: [email protected]

Call applied for: Creative Europe, MEDIUM-scaled projects

Description of the project:

We upscale and adapt European performing arts to arena-level audiences – developing a new cultural ecosystem for pan-European and global circulation of such works. The project begins with The Snow Queen, a multiart ice ballet fusing dance, ice skating and ice sports with new classical music, based on the well-known tale by the Danish H. C. Andersen (to be premiered in Tampere, Finland in January 2023). The two themes to be stressed by the project are international dimension – how to spread European art across borders not only geographical but also social and cultural – and technology: how to extend the horizons of technology-based artistic expression and increase the innovation potential of the creative sectors? If our project is successful, The Snow Queen will embark on an international tour, employing approximately 60 creative professionals directly and more than a hundred indirectly, potentially for the next three years to come. The ultimate impact of the project, however, will reach beyond The Snow Queen, inspiring similar yet also different performances with new forms of collaboration across sectors. Our project will also benefit the cultural and creative industries at large, by instituting platforms for new innovations reaching beyond the arts.

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