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NAPALM (Companhia de Teatro Dança em Conjunto ou Alternadamente)



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Sónia Granja Barbosa, [email protected], +351 938 844 241

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Private not-for-profit organisation

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Number of permanent employees: 1

Number of collaborators: 14

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NAPALM was created in 2008 with the desire of developing an artistic structure that would allow a consistent exploration and experimentation of performing arts; a platform that could provide the necessary conditions to develop an artistic work of quality and in a continuous way.

It is a professional contemporary dance and theatre company dedicated to the creation of artistic performances and audience engagement, according to new forms, new identities, new paths. We do not deny the past, but we look to the future. We promote multidisciplinary synergies and intersections, seeking to involve the various sides of performing arts and opening doors to other (new) “intrusions” that help us in the pursuit of our artistic goals. The crossing with other contemporary expressions (video, music, photography) accentuates the company's multidisciplinary character and constant research.

Our work has a strong strand of exploring the body and the language of the contemporary performance; a striking scenography, an intense sound design and a “way of doing” that does not allow for a passive spectator, but rather for one in a constant state of alert. We aim at awakening individuals from a contemporary world that is increasingly kaleidoscopic and in which they are asleep in a kind of torpor.

In an era in which routine, light and excess, consumption and alienation prevail; in an era of sensationalism, fanaticism, fragmented information and in a society heavily overwhelmed by the need for (im)mediatism and in which the standards of attention are increasingly reduced, we defend performances that “activate” the spectator and that leave a mark, allowing a continuity of the action outside the scenic space. An “artistic footprint” that spreads.

We aim at delivering performances with a direct impact, in which the poetics of the text are diluted among different dramaturgies impregnated with visceral passion. Staged comets taken to the scene.

In our (re)search, we have also been led to build bridges between art(s) and community/ies, working “for” and “with” it/them, redefining boundaries of action and expanding the spectrum of what we propose to do not only artistically but also as cultural agents with responsibility and social awareness.

In terms of artistic creations, children are one of our targets, as a way of contributing to an effective training and creation of new audiences among the new generations.

As an artistic structure, NAPALM has always believed in the power of education using arts, namely, performing arts. Therefore, in addition to the company's artistic projects and performances, since its creation, in 2008, we have developed a comprehensive Educational Service with annual regular theatre or dance classes as well as short or medium duration workshops, covering a broad scope of learners, but focusing essentially on adults (17 years old and up).

Our trainings involve diverse publics, and some are aimed at specific audiences (senior citizens, the business sector, art students, among others). Due to our central location in an urban area (Porto city centre), we reach a diverse public from the city and the district – different genders, creeds, races, nationalities, and social classes.

Our work with the community began through artistic training with a non-professional purpose, but rather of self-discovery and empowerment of the participants.

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We aim at working on projects that meet our mission and in which we can develop the main objectives of NAPALM. Some of the topics that might interest us (although not exclusively) are: performing arts; transnational creation and circulation; innovation; creation and engagement of new audiences; community theatre and dance; theatre and dance education (non-formal)


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