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Small Scale Cooperation Projects

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City of Osijek



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Ana Rimac Ciković ,

[email protected] Danijela Klobučar,

[email protected]

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Local governments

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Number of employees: 217

Latest annual turnover: 761.277.633,83 kn

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Aims and activities of the organisation

City of Osijek is an administrative body of local self-government. Authorities and obligations derived from the self-government domain of the City of Osijek are shared by the representative body, which is the City Council, and the executive body, which is the Mayor. Performance of tasks pertaining to state administration which have been transferred to the jurisdiction of the bodies of the City of Osijek are: construction, housing, traffic, economy, urban planning, environment protection, social services, social welfare and health, local self-government, education, culture, sports, finances and international co- operation. The city administration ensures the day to day running of the City of Osijek through the operation of 12 departments. In addition, numerous municipal companies and institutions are involved in providing the necessary services for the citizens, such as Unikom (waste management), GPP (public urban transport), Vodovod (water supply and sewage), Osijek Market (managing the fresh marketplaces of the city), Športski objekti (sports facilities), cultural institurions (theatres, galleries and cultural centre), kindergartens, primary schools, adult education centre etc.

The mayor, Ivan Radić, and two deputy mayors, Dragan Vulin and Jasenka Crnković, were directly elected. The City Council, consisting of 31 councillors, is responsible for taking decisions on particular topics or on issues which have financial implications for the city budget higher than the threshold for the Mayor (above HRK 1 million).

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Previous EU grants received

The City of Osijek has a huge experience in EU-funded projects and has implemented (as a lead partner / beneficiary project partner or associate partner) more than 50 EU-funded projects worth about EUR 70 million so far from almost all available EU funds and programmes, ranging from 2004/2005 PHARE and CARDS, over IPA, different Interreg programmes, Horizon 2020, Erasmus, URBACT to CEF and large Cohesion, European

Regional Development and European Social Fund (CF, ERDF, ESF) projects. The city has a Department for EU programmes with 5 experienced project managers and 10 further ones in other city departments. At the moment the City of Osijek is implementing 22 EU-funded projects worth approximately EUR 60 million, mostly through ESI funds and different Interreg 2014-2020 programmes. These projects have been tackling wide variety of topics: energy efficiency, entrepreneurship , economic development, environmental protection, renewable energy, cultural heritage and related tourism, social inclusion, social services development and education. The largest project of the City of Osijek is the brownfield project (SC 6e2, brownfield) worth EUR 17 mill., called Development and Upgrading of Osijek Fortress, which is a huge construction project covering the whole area of Osijek old Baroque fortress (30.000 m2). Other relevant culture and cultural-heritage related projects are: Creative Industry Rotor, Youth in Culture, Loaf of Culture (soft cultural projects); Subotica Osijek Secession Tourist Route (Art Nouveau – EUR1.1 million), Educational and Visitor Centre for Youth Stara pekara and Vatroslav Lisinski Square in the Fortress (EUR 8 million), Reconstruction of historic Hornwerk Army barracks into Tourist Visitor Centre, EUR 2.5 million (reconstruction of cultural heritage).

Proposed Creative Europe project – to which project are you looking for partners?

Sector or field

Cultural heritage, visual arts, architecture, arts and technology, digitalization, participation of citizen and experts in the creative industry

Description or summary of the proposed project

  • mapping of cultural heritage and archeological sites in the city in cooperation with experts in the field of creative industry (architecture, design, museums, historians)
  • curators and artistic projects
  • development of a website or application with text in
  • three foreign languages including Croatian (English,
  • German and Hungarian)
  • 3D display and interactive map
  • creating QR codes and locating cultural locations in the
  • city through interactive maps
  • in cooperation with citizens, revitalization of abandoned
  • buildings through a public competition for the best idea
  • street art (painting facades, setting up art sculptures)
  • Tourist cultural guide through the cultural sights of the
  • city using QR codes and m-learning that can be used in school’s curriculum (school in nature)

Partners searched – which type of partner are you looking for?

From country or region

All participating countries

Preferred field of expertise

Cultural heritage, new technologies, digitalization, innovation, local development, citizen participation and creative industry expert

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As soon as possible

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Which kind of projects are you looking for?

mapping of cultural heritage, 3D display and interactive map, QR codes, revitalization of abandoned buildings, street art, tourist cultural guide

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