Call Support to European Cooperation Projects 2024

Strand or category Small Scale Cooperation Projects 

Name of organisation NUISIS ZOBOP – Cultural Association for Creation, Research, Training and Publishing in Performing Arts and Philosophy


Organisation website

Contact person Joana von Mayer Trindade, [email protected], +351966859193

Organisation type non-governmental organisation

Scale of the organization Under Contract 5 employees, Free Lancing around 30 employees

PIC number 882801172

Aims and activities of the organisation 

With 16 creations, 5 edited books, multiple trainings, research seminars and congresses organized, as well as two sections/methodologies of performative research in action (Improvisation and Training), NZ fulfils with effective 

repercussion the valorisation of the social and artistic 

dignification of Dance as an irreplaceable art form in all its 

aspects. Nuisis Zobop, via Joana von Mayer & Hugo Calhim 

Cristóvão, always seeks to broaden its artistic and cultural 

horizons with other ways of doing, of researching through 

prolonged stays in France, Berlin, India and Japan, among 

others. Collaborating with internationally renowned institutions such as CNDC d'Angers, CNDC Paris, Inter-University Center for Dance Berlin (HZT), Ufferstudios Berlin, Bodyweather Farm Min Tanaka Butoh, Antai-ji Japan, Kyoto Art center Japan, Banaras Hindu University (BHU)/India and Patanjali International Yoga Foundation. As well as establishing contacts and links with artists from other areas and renowned thinkers, FCT Research groups, artistic higher education, being Hugo Calhim Cristóvão a researcher integrated in the group "Roots and Horizons of Philosophy in Portugal" of IFFLUP, and Joana von Mayer Trindade teaching Oriental Performing Arts in the Actor Training Course of Universidade Lusófona in Oporto and 

collaborating in the collaborating with ESD-IPPL in the Master in Choreographic Creation and Professional Practices.

We develop regular research laboratories on the craft and art of the dancer/performer with a authorship methodology and unique approach, open to dialogue and collaboration. Marked by the confluence of languages between western and eastern dance and physical theatre, a strong component of dramaturgy and theoretical research, combined with valorisation of the intimate vocation of the performer and of the relationship direction-interpretation as central, working simultaneously means (process) and ends (creation, knowledge). United with the rigor in the construction of unconventional scenic objects aiming at choreographic and scenic innovation, we expand into 

the social and cultural relevance of dance and philosophy to change, improvement and capacitation. Always with 

articulation between creation, research, training and 

publishing. It develops regular and coherent activity according to its purpose, establishing academic and research partnerships (IFFLUP, ISFLUP, ESMAE, CITCEM, UMINHO, FCSH, Fórum Fórum Dança, ESADGaliza, Ginasiano, ET, HZT, CND) and of creation (DDD Festival, Guidance, ContraDança, CCB, CITEMOR Festival, TMP, CCVF).

We have also been working with deviant and excluded 

communities, facing mental and social health issues, and 

engaging in the therapeutic, social, cultural potential of artistic practice since the beginning of our paths as Choreographers. Some examples are homeless people, to contribute to the global improvement of the living conditions of socially and economically vulnerable people in situations of deprivation, exclusion, and risk; children from social and economically disadvantaged contexts, female inmates. We are strongly committed with a global view of dance and of dancers that needs to address both the harms that may come from training as the creative use of dance techniques and methodology to increase the well-being of non- dancers, expanding from the scope of the artistic into the therapeutical, social and political.

We have a fully prepared and inclusive dance workspace in 

Oporto, Portugal, where we develop our regular activities, 

accommodating residences and creation processes, cultural programming, as well as debates, seminars, and trainings both of a theoretical and practical nature.

Role of the organisation in the project Project partner

From country or region E.g. Denmark, Tunisia or Ukraine

Which kind of projects are you looking for? We welcome collaborations with performing arts related projects in all fields (Dance, Theatre, Music) conjoining theoretical (Sociological and Philosophical as much as Political) and practical goals, be them of applied technical research, of residency and inter-exchange of skills and experiences, capacitation of members socially and professionally, promoting social evolution and consciousness in the current problems faced by democratic societies, inclusion of excluded communities and changes in increasing their participation, with a strong view on interdisciplinarity, collective growth, ecology, reflorestation, and citizen´s action.

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