Pulse Cultural Network for Transition


Proposed Project Role ● Member/Partner ● 3rd Party 

Sub-programme ● Culture ● MEDIA

Action Title Let’s work together on the transition to a sustainable and socially just future through the power of imagination.

Short description Pulse Cultural Network for Transition facilitates collaboration between cultural actors who want to work on sustainable alternatives for our current societal model and accelerate the transition towards a socially just and sustainable future. We are a network organisation that connects youth, culture and media professionals within Flanders and beyond on sustainability challenges

Contact details [email protected]

Field(s) Culture: Interdisciplinary MEDIA: Games

Description We are particularly strong as process and project facilitators and try to connect everyone professionally active within culture (in the broad

sense: from social-cultural to youth work, media to heritage, (performing) arts and music, …)

Countries All over Europe

Profile Our network is cross-sectoral in its core, so we work together with all kinds of institutions and organisations within these fields: from NGOs to government institutions, individual artists to youth organisations, gaming industry to museums.

More information on website: https://www.pulsenetwerk.be/

There’s also concised English version:

https://www.pulsenetwerk.be/english, including our vision ‘Culture as a driver for transition’ in this document

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