PLAN B Association for Social Responsibility


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Name of the organisation PLAN B Association for Social Responsibility

Country Romania

Organisation website

Contact person Oana Dumitriu, +40762 913 375, [email protected]

Organisation type NGO

Scale of the organization 3 employees, 2 colaborators

PIC number 880189641

Aims and activities of the organisation

Plan B Association for Social Responsibility is an organization that develops projects with the general aim of improving the quality of life. Specifically, we focus on education projects because we strongly believe that every child and young person has the right to quality and inclusive education. Our mission is to create and implement concrete and sustainable solutions that generate efficient, high-quality, and inclusive education suitable for all children and young people in Romania.

Our vision is a world where children and young people have

access to quality education and real opportunities for a better life.

Our strategy for fulfilling our mission revolves around three

main directions:

1.Information, Education, and Social Integration: In this

direction, we aim to develop educational and cultural projects

for children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to reduce educational disparities and promote social inclusion.

2.Health, Environment, and Quality of Life: This direction

focuses on promoting a healthy lifestyle through educational programs and awareness campaigns about the importance of protecting the environment and its impact on people's health.

3.Emergency Interventions: This direction aims to support

communities affected by emergency situations through prompt intervention actions and the development of programs for the reconstruction of social and educational infrastructure.

We are committed to making a positive impact in these areas and working towards a better future for children and young people in Romania.

Role of the organisation in the project

Project partner

Sector or field Social Inclusion in/through culture (any type of cultural activities) of/for children and young people belonging to minorities and people belonging to socially marginalised groups

Preferred field of expertise Any form of art that can be promoted and that will lead to the increase of social inclusion for the population from disadvantaged backgrounds For example: theater, dance, opera, operetta.

We are looking for projects through which we can reach

disadvantaged communities where we have been active in the past and where we promised to return with new initiatives.

Knowing the needs of these communities very well, we are

convinced that education through art would bring added value to these young people and children, and could serve as a starting point for discovering new talents or changing the lives of these children. In the past, our projects had impacted over 5.000 young people and children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Which kind of projects are you looking for?

We are interested in any project that would bring added value to disadvantaged communities in Romania.

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