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Cesis county municipality, department of Culture 



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Kristīne Timermane - Malēja, [email protected], +371 25770498

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public organization 

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189 employees, latest annual turnover (year 2023) 4 159 288 EUR

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Aims and activities of the organisation 

As one of the municipality's largest institutions, the Department of Culture plays a pivotal role in fostering cultural life. It facilitates cultural accessibility and participation for thousands of residents through the backing of 26 municipal cultural centers and around 90 amateur collectives. These cultural centers serve as vital hubs for engaging with communities, forming the bedrock for community initiatives. The community’s engagement is one of the most important aims of organization.

Cesis Department of Culture main activities:

Cultural policy planning and implementation;

Management of local cultural centers;

Community engagement in culture activities;

Preservation of cultural and historical heritage;

Coordination of various cultural organizations and cultural leaders in regional and national level;

Production of cultural and interdisciplinary events.

Moreover, Cēsis municipality, and particularly Cēsis itself, are closely associated with culture and creativity, fostered by various institutions and cultural leaders:

1. Cēsis boasts a nationally significant concert hall, which stands as the largest all time municipal investment. The concert hall was opened in 2014. Since then, there has been a notably positive development in cultural economics: https://www.cesukoncertzale.lv/en. 

2. The Cēsis History and Art Museum is one of the largest museums in Latvia, hosting the largest collection outside of Riga. It is situated in the Cēsis Castle complex, a nationally significant cultural monument: https://cesupils.lv/en/

Currently, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, the municipality is working on a new museum repository project that would be of national significance, with groundbreaking expected in 2025/2026.

3. In addition to the Cēsis History and Art Museum, two more state-accredited museums operate in the municipality – "Kalāči" and the museum association "Orisāre”. The Latvian writer E. Veidenbaums museum "Kalāči" was awarded the title of Latvia's best museum in 2023.

4. Cēsis was the first municipality in Latvia who established the creative industry center "Skola6", which attracts creative professionals and serves as a renowned creative industry incubator: https://www.skola6.lv. 

5. Building on the successful operation of "Skola 6" and observing the increasing demand for industry development, the Cēsis municipality is currently developing the Rainis Creative and Digital Quarter, where the creative industry center will open its doors in early 2024: https://www.rainakvartals.lv

Additionally, in 2024, Cēsis will see the launch of the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia's creative industry business incubator.

6. Notably, the Cēsis Art Festival is a private initiative. Over several years, the festival has gathered thousands of art enthusiasts, providing invaluable education to the local community about contemporary art, its forms, and possibilities: https://www.cesufestivals.com. 

7. In 2024, Cēsis will host the tenth "LAMPA" Conversation Festival, which annually brings together approximately 20,000 visitors in Cēsis Castle Park. It is the first and most prominent conversation and democracy festival of Latvia. The festival is a large-scale initiative, an open platform driven by more than 300 organizations and active individuals, collectively creating a space for exchanging opinions in a free, unencumbered atmosphere, and engaging in respectful discussions on current societal topics.

Role of the organisation in the project

project partner

Previous EU grants received

Project "Arts on Prescription in the Baltic Sea Region 2023-2025", co-funded by the European Union (European Regional Development Fund - INTERREG Baltic Sea Region Programme). The project assists cultural and healthcare institutions in engaging people with mental health issues in non-therapy-related arts activities to improve their psychological well-being. Implemented in collaboration with partners from seven countries: Latvia, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Poland, and Lithuania. "Arts on Prescription" aims to enhance the mental well-being of residents. Individuals with mild or moderate mental health problems such as depression, stress, or anxiety, or those at risk of deteriorating mental health (due to forced isolation, traumatic experiences, or other reasons), receive referrals to regular cultural and art sessions in groups. Evidence shows these activities have a positive impact on health. Further information: https://interreg-baltic.eu/project/arts-on-prescription/ 

ERDF Project "Revitalization of Degraded Territories in Cēsis Municipality IV Phase". The project aims to revitalize the production premises of the former "Cēsis Blind Association's Training and Production Enterprise" (MRU) located in Cēsis, Raiņa Street, and purchase the real estate at Raiņa iela 25. The objective is to adapt these spaces for business operations and lease the premises to entrepreneurs, especially in the creative industries and information technology sector, to foster business development. Further information https://www.rainakvartals.lv/  

Sector or field

Performing arts (contemporary dance, music, theatre), film festivals, traditional culture activities, cultural heritage, innovations and technologies (multimedia art), green sustainability, education programs, interdisciplinary culture activities, contemporary art.

Description or summary of the proposed project

Fostering social resilience and sustainable development of region through culture activities. We are interested in the implementation of various projects - from classical art and culture to contemporary art projects that include the theme of democracy, education, environmental sustainability, climate change, science and culture synergy, health and regeneration, digitization. Capacity building programs of culture professionals, artists, craftsmen. Transmission of knowledge between cultures and different generations. Accessibility to cultural events for persons with special needs.

Partners currently involved in the project


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All participating countries

Preferred field of expertise 

Community engagement, traditional culture activities, event and festival organization, green sustainability, interdisciplinary projects implementation, contemporary art.

Which kind of projects are you looking for? 

Performing arts (contemporary dance, music, theatre), film festivals, cultural heritage, innovations and technologies, education programs, interdisciplinary culture activities, contemporary art.

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