V Records (Vertigo Foundation)


Call European Cooperation Projects

Strand or category Small or Large Cooperation Projects

Name of organisation V Records (Vertigo Foundation)

Country Poland

Organisation website https://vrecords.eu/

Contact person Maciej Nestor Head of Label / Foundation President

Organisation type non-governmental organisation

Scale of the organization number of employees: 10-40

PIC number 878788185

Aims and activities of the organisation

Promotion of jazz and improvised and indie music as well as cultural and musical education and social acitvities

Role of the organisation in the project

project leader or project partner

Previous EU grants received

If Creative Europe grants, please link to the project via the

Creative Europe Project Portal Sector or field Music, Cultural heritage, cross-sectoral

Description or summary of the proposed project

New Music Europe. The project aims to support international cultural cooperation networks in promoting and nurturing indie talents, and addressing common challenges. It involves organizing educational programs, workshops, and cultural events that engage diverse social groups and enhance their participation in culture.

From country or region EU, Ukraine, Northern Macedonia, Serbia, Iceland

Please get in contact no later than

E.g. 31 December 2024

Which kind of projects are you looking for?

Every music, music and cultural education, cultural heritage


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