Students’ City Cultural Center

Belgrade, the Republic of Serbia

Culture sub-Program

Strand/category: Small cooperation projects

Deadline: December 1st 2019

Cultural operator: Students’ City Cultural Center

Short description

Students' City Cultural Center was founded in 1971 and opened in May 1974 as an example of what the student protests of 1968 ultimately achieved. The founders of the Center were the University of Belgrade and the University Board of the Yugoslav Student Association. SCCC is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia. SCCC is situated in New Belgrade, in the central part of the Student City campus, the largest student complex in the Balkans.

Program types, mission and objectives

The types of programs offered by the SCCC have been adapted and improved over four decades, but continued to cover important areas involving creativity: Literature, Theatre, Music, the Visual Arts, Film, the Humanities, Science and Publishing. Programs are conducted via lectures, discussions, conferences, exhibitions and visual arts biennales, artist in residencies programs, concerts, film and music festivals, theatre projects, a school for film and photography, comic books, creative writing and music workshops, an acting school and so on. 

The basic program objectives of SCCC are:

·  addressing the cultural needs and values of students and nurturing new ones;

·  involving the students community in art and humanities programs and projects that can serve as a powerful tool for understanding contemporary society;

·  improving and fostering different forms of creativity of students through workshops, innovative educational programs from all fields of art and humanities, research and participative art projects;

·  providing conditions conducive to study through making available reading rooms and library SCCC is highly regarded as one of the leading cultural institutions in the country thanks to the diverse programs on offer, the scope of its ambition and significant achievements to date. 

Capacity of the premises and technical equipment SCCC is a modern and functional structure, consisting of a management building, large and small auditorium with lobbies, Library with reading rooms, two galleries and a floor with an amphitheater and outdoor summer stage. SCCC has adequate film and video production equipment and facilities to host concerts, as well as modern equipment allowing multimedia exhibitions and the staging of theatrical plays.

Self-production Students' City’ Cultural Center promotes its own productions from various aspects of its programs: publishing, books, anthologies, theatre plays, musical compositions, visual art works and exhibitions, as well as film and research projects.

Contact details

Maida Gruden,

Head of visual arts program, Students’ City Cultural Center


Tel. +381 62 267841



Visual arts – painting, drawing, photography, film, video, graphic arts, digital arts, film, video;

Performing arts – theatre;

Cultural heritage – intangible heritage;

Literature books and reading – publishing;

Interdisciplinary arts.


We are developing project of international Artist – in – Residence program for artists and collectives experienced in participatory art practices, interested to take part in researching the different aspects of students’ life. Artist, curators and collectives from different fields of arts (the visual arts, performing arts, literature, and interdisciplinary arts) and regions will be involved. Through past participative projects we have already made digital archive of vernacular, art and documentary photographs dealing with life of the students from the fifties until contemporary days in local context but within the global social and historic flows.

The main objectives of the project are:

·        audience development through participative and contextual based art practices;

·        involving students and youth communities of different backgrounds into creative endeavors and recognizing the scope of Pan-European characteristics of students’ life, education and identities.

·        advancement and application of innovative digital technologies in creating platforms for shared interactive contents;

·        developing collaborative digital humanities interpretative models of intangible heritage;

We intend to establish joint on-line platform, networked artist in residency program, traveling exhibition and printed publication.

Looking for Partners

Countries: All countries, especially Slovenia, Croatia, Sweden, France, Belgium, and Germany.


Student cultural centers; cultural centers within students campuses; youth cultural centers; educational and research institutions; universities, faculties, public institutions, NGOs and other organizations specialized for visual arts, literature, theatre, film, music; artist in residencies programs; IT platforms, platforms for development, application and presentation of emerging technologies in the fields of archiving, social dynamics; centers for digital humanities.

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