Platform for Changes

Tbilisi, Georgia

Strand/category: Support for European cooperation projects 2020

Deadline: 27/11/2019 (TBC)

Cultural operator: Platform for Changes

Short description

About the organisation:

Platform for Changes is a non governmental non for profit legal entity founded in 2012. Since 2012 it organizes Contemporary Dance and Experimental Art Festival in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Contact details

Tamuna Gurchiani, Festival Director – Giorgi Spanderashvili, Festival Manager –


Field(s): Contemporary Dance / Choreography / Performance / Education / Experimental Art / Physical Theatre


Tbilisi Contemporary Dance & Experimental Art Festival was founded in 2012. Since then 5 editions of the festival were organized showcasing international dance companies and local productions. The festival strongly focuses on dance education and training. Since its foundation the Festival has organized a dozen of educational activities (summer schools, intensive master classes, workshops, international co-productions) for local dancers and choreographers under the guidance and supervision of invited international dance and choreography teachers and professionals. Numerous dance, performance and experimental art productions were comissioned by the festival over the last 5 years in the whole South Caucasus region.

The show case program of the festival takes place every year in Tbilisi in the major venues of the city where international dance companies, local productions comissioned by the festival and master classes and workshops are being presented.

The main goal of the festival is to contribute to the pofessional

development of dance and performance acteurs in Georgia through active engagement and interaction with international professionals. Moreover the festival intends to build up a platfrom – an independent dance and performance art center which will encompass dance studios and a performance space and will offer educational activities on rolling basis to local and international practitioners.

The festival has big experience of partnering with international platfroms and insititutions, professionals, funding institutions and etc.

With the funding of Creative Europe program Festival aims to strengthen dance community through trainings and exchange programs for dancers, choreographers, dance curators and managers in order to build capacity and at the end of the project to start with the preparation for the establishing an above mentioned independent dance center in Tbilisi, which would be the only one of this kind not only in Georgia, but also in the entire South Caucasus region.

For this call we are looking for an experienced partner organization from Europe, which has the interest and the ability in capacity building for dance professionals and wants to contribute with professional guidance towards the establishment of a contemporary dance center in Georgia. The partner would be involved in the capacity building process and development of the international exchange programs for local professionals and joint productions with international dance and experimental artists.

Partners searched

Countries: All countries welcome

Searching for Leading and/or Partner Organisations:

  • Contemporary Dance & Choreography
  • Performance and performing art
  • Dance & performance art education
  • Experimental Art
  • Other
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