Пошук партнерів/Журналістські партнерства

Конкурс «Журналістські партнерства»:

  • Junior Chamber International Prizren (Косово)

Junior Chamber International Prizren is non profit that provides VET and consulting SME tailored services to the need, non-formal and digital education. For individual low-skilled and/or low qualified with aim to empower people with know-how, skills and/or competences required in particular occupations or more broadly on the labor... experienced and active in EU projects KA1, KA2, KA3...

  • Latvijas Mediji (Латвія)

LATVIJAS MEDIJI is the second largest publishing house in Latvia issuing newspapers, journals, books and audiovisual content. Interested in joining transnational networks of journalism professionals, capacity building and designing digital innovation for the Baltic media markets. We focus on the regional social and political affairs, culture, environment, inclusion, human rights, the EU matters, etc. For cooperation please contact [email protected].


Media Diversity Institute (MDI) works internationally to encourage accurate and nuanced reporting on race, religion, ethnicity, class, disability, gender and sexual identity issues in media landscapes around the world. While our work is grounded in the principles of freedom of expression and values of diversity and inclusion, our day-to-day work focuses on cultivating practical skills to combat negative stereotypes and disinformation and improve media and information literacy.


The company's Internet portal www.interia.pl provides individual Internet users with a wide selection of the top-quality information, multimedia, social and communication services. The Interia Group also includes thematic websites that gather and integrate users with various interests and needs. Among those services the most popular are Interia News, Interia Sport, Interia Business Interia Enviroment,.We offer our expertise and are open to various joint project activities.

  • IDM Consulting (Нідерланди)

Identity Matters Consulting (IDM) is a consultancy based in the Netherlands, focusing on group identity issues (ethnic, national, supranational, regional, cultural, linguistic, religious, etc.). Our role is to help define the vision, mission, and strategy of the identity aspects of any project as well as the best practices and methods for their implementation. As experts in the field of identity, we may assume the identity dimension of any project and we are open to any kind of collaboration.

  • NT Partners LTD (Болгарія)

Our members are with different background and we have journalist and media creators. That is why we would like to apply for this topic and to fund our news agency to promote our values and to provide people with alternative news channels. Also we would like to create advertising videos to promote our area as e tourist and educational destination. Feel Free to contact us [email protected].

  • Goethe-Institut (Central-Eastern Europe Region) (Чехія)

GOETHE-INSTITUT CENTRAL-EASTERN EUROPE /// With 158 institutes worldwide, we foster international cultural cooperation across the globe. Media Pluralism is a strategic priority for us - especially for our institutes in this region. For this call we offer access to our extensive journalistic network in the region and beyond. We have a strong track record in EU projects and ample experience in related projects, (e.g. capacity-building, training etc). Interested? Contact [email protected].

  • Association of Hungarian Journalists (Угорщина)

The Association of Hungarian Journalists (MÚOSZ) is a non-profit organization that acts in the public interest. It performs professional, educational and cultural activities to defend the values of democracy, the freedom to inform and be informed. MUOSZ organizes trainings, conferences, cultural events and provides quality education through its Academy. As the largest Hungarian journalists’ organization, MUOSZ has a great history and a broad network. Contact us if you are open for collaboration.

  • Pubika (Грузія)

Public-political online platform ‘Publika’ is a media outlet free from political influence and censorship. We have solid experience in ethical, fact-based journalism that explicitly defines our goals to operate as a reliable and unbiased media serving the wider group of society by covering issues of public interest. We are operating in Georgia and are open to partnership with the media and civil society organizations to implement cross-border journalism project. E-mail: [email protected].


TV Idea - kanal 10 is the central broadcaster in the region of Pomurje in Slovenia. It also cooperates with the largest online regional media outlets network in Slovenia. We focus on the regional political affairs, social, economics, culture, inclusion and EU matters. For cooperation please contact: [email protected].

  • Nula32 OOD (Болгарія)

Nula32 is an independent Bulgarian magazine, founded in 2015. We aim to deliver quality in-depth journalism on cultural topics. Our team consists of experienced journalists, visual artists and project managers with expertise in publishing and media entrepreneurship. We focus on future of print in digital times and new business models for traditional media. For cooperation please contact: [email protected].

  • Radio Parlamentare srl (Італія)

Radio Parlamentare deals with political matters, focusing on C&D&E activities. The main focus concerns activities of institutional mediation and dialogue between all the components of society. Through a systemic and integrated approach, the Radio has developed many activities to create open communication channels between Politics and Civil Society. Main activities: Radio broadcasting, Press Conferences, Workshops, Institutional Meetings, civil society engagement and networking activties.

  • Fondacioni Rruga me Pisha (Албанія)

Pine Street Foundation. An Albanian not for profit media and cultural organisation, created in Albania in 2001, by its founder : the BBC World Service Trust, is looking for a project leader, that can joint our efforts on presenting an international project proposal, dedicated to the topics of this call. The Foundation has 21 years of expereince working in Media and Culture, implementing a large range of regional projects "Balkan Region" and in consortium with international media organisations.


We are interested in enter in an European network in order to develop our multimedia staff of, base on a local media network: we are part of Icaro Group, which includes Iniziative Editoriali srl (IE) and Cooperativa Comunità Aperta Societa' Ar.L. (NGO COAP). The ICARO multimedia network is made up of Icaro TV, Radio Icaro, the online newspaper newsrimini, the icaroplay digital platform and the social channels.

  • Institute for Activism and Social Change (Албанія)

Have you considered working with great and dedicated professionals in Albania? Institute for Activism and Social Change provides for highly skilled multi-level professionals and great working climate. Albania is an opportunity for extending networks and space for pilot programs. IANS is well positioned as a key actor for national country' reforms on sustainable development. Contact us in case you need a partner from Westerns Balkans. We answer swiftly.

  • SYNYO GmbH (Австрія)

SYNYO is a reliable partner for your project with profound experience in EU Programmes. As a SME located in Vienna, we are focusing on research, innovation and technology. Our interdisciplinary team consisting of social scientists, engineers, technologists, software developers and creatives is ready to deliver high-impact results to tackle core challenges of our time. We are also skilled in coordinating consortia, research communication, dissemination, and exploitation. E-mail: [email protected].

  • FEMLENS MTÜ (Естонія)

femLENS is a nonprofit association (registered in Estonia, nr. 80429622). We promote visual storytelling by women and girls, life-long learning and technological development, as well as upskilling and diversification of the media and art industries in Europe and abroad. If you need documentary photography workshops, content creation, photography based storytelling, we are happy to help! https://www.instagram.com/femlens/.

  • Fortuna (Грузія)

Fortuna is Georgia's largest radio broadcasting company, founded in 1996. The company operates four radio stations and digital publishing platforms. Our objective is to create valuable, high-quality content to serve our audience better. We are looking for a reliable, experienced partner who can help us to grow and expand our business further by providing expertise in building new media platforms to ensure a sustainable financial business model for our company. contact: [email protected].

  • Georgi KOSTOV

Smart Home Sys is major publishers in Bulgaria and operates the two information media websites (novavarna.net) ,(novavest.bg) We are interested in establishing connections with professional affiliates in the area of journalism, keen on constant improvement and designing digital innovations for the variety of media markets. We focus on local social and political issues, culture, environment, inclusion, the human rights, EU issues, etc.For cooperation, please contact [email protected].

  • multicult Radio und Medienproduktionen gUG (Німеччина)

Multicult.fm is a Berlin-based radio station leveraging cultural diversity to highlight opportunities the potential of the immigration-rich society of today’s Europe in general, and of Germany offering a professional, multi-cultural platform and tools enabling unrepresented sections of society to create their own European cultural space. In operation since 2009, Multicult.fm is interested in working with partners who share similar goals.

  • Brand Media Bulgaria Ltd (Болгарія)

Founded in 2013, Brand Media Bulgaria publishes Economic.bg, one of the most influential niche outlets in the country, and Kmeta.bg – the news portal of the Bulgarian municipalities, both well known among national and local stakeholders. Experienced event organizers in topics such as digital education, ESG, sustainability, cyber security, investment, we are interested in partnering up media projects, including on tackling fake news and disinformation. Contact us at [email protected].

  • LiveU Ltd. (Ізраїль)

LiveU leads with video delivery solutions enabling European and global live journalism of all types and scale. Our solutions enable reduced carbon footprint and increase overall productivity and sustainability. LiveU has been a member of several fp7 and Horizon projects. Looking forward to join proposals.


R&D performing SME founded in 1991, leading ICT/IoT integrator in Romania with offices in Austria and Belgium. BEIA is ISO certified with experience in coordinating & participating in over 60 R&D Innovation projects (Horizon, Eureka, ERA-Net, Erasmus, etc.) on AI, open big data, blockchain, NLP, multi-language chat/voicebot, ASR, TTS (Speech2Process, REDICT, Accelerate, SoMeDi, PAPUD, ENRICH4ALL, SMARDY, CitiSim, Arrowhead, HUBCAP, DEFRAUDify, FAIR, ADMA, etc.) www.beia.eu / [email protected].


INTERSPREAD is an experienced dissemination, exploitation and communication partner for your project. Following the DEC guidelines provided by the EC, our creatives design recognisable project identities, leaflets and individual print materials, as well as project websites and digital banners for your social media channels thus maximising your projects’ impact. Awareness hubs or web platforms are implemented by our skilled developers. Email: [email protected] Profile: http://bit.ly/interspread.


C.I.P. Citizens In Power (CIP) is a non-profit, educational and research organization. CIP constitutes one of the leading organizations in Cyprus in the fields of global education, social innovation, entrepreneurship, STEM and sustainable growth. CIP has been successfully involved in KA2 actions, KA3 actions, AMIF, Horizon, Eni CBC Med and Cosme. Contact us at [email protected] www.citizensinpower.org.

  • PORTAL PRESS (Чорногорія)

Since its inception 2009, Portal Analitika has been recognized as the dominant, reliable media for its objective reporting. We have the usual sections and also specific ones like Contemporary Caryatids, Fintech Our previous experience are projects: EU Web Forum Growing Together 3 BMAP Internews – Engaging content grants, project Contemporary Caryatids Montenegro Ministry of science and EU funding – MDPA (Montenegrin Digital Photo Archive) Google News Initiative – Media literacy.

  • Asociatia Prisma (Румунія)

Prisma is an organisation working in nonformal educational programmes. Our aim is to get quality education, and fact based information to the youngest and oldest generation as well. We work with topics such as communication, sustainaility, fake news, effects of the media, and concious use of the internet.


FHIRD - The Institute aims to empower people, organisations, and communities, through education and trainingx, promoting innovation, work and experience,Research,Press and media We can contribute as partners with sound project management procedures and methodology, as well as on communication, events organization and management, and mobilization,We have a dedicated team responsible for the dissemination, video creation, graphic design, and social media management e-mail: [email protected].

  • Visoka skola za komunikacije (Сербія)

We are a private higher education institution in the fields of media and culture from Belgrade (Serbia). We have experience in cross-border and international projects. We offer our resources and experience for joint activities in the organization of journalism, media, social events, cultural production and program promotion. We offer our resources to strengthen capacity and innovation in the journalism and media literacy field. Contac us by: [email protected].

  • Development Initiative Network Logosphere (Сербія)

We are an NGO from western Serbia, Bajina Basta municipality. We have experience in cross-border international projects in the field of cultural production and development projects. We offer our resources and experience for joint activities in the organization of cultural, media, social events, media, journalism (radio, TV, online) production and program promotion. Open-minded, friendly and collaborative. and Contact: [email protected] Mrs Biljana Djurdjic.


C4G is 21 years old SME specialized in training and projects development. C4G network consists on universities, municipalities, NGOs and others and can be very helpful both for: project development activities, piloting in Portugal, stakeholders engagement, creation of trainings and training development. With a vast curriculum on social innovation projects, entrepreneurship and SME development C4G has been successfully implementing national and international projects. Contact HugoRomao, [email protected].

  • LA MAQUINA BLANDA S.L. (Іспанія)

We are Carne Cruda, and independent professional podcast funded by its own public since 2014. We focus on national and international politics, human rights, environment and culture, we promote pluralism free and independent journalism. We have a team of 8 journalists and more than 30 collaborators to produce a daily podcast. We are looking for international collaborations and we can offer expertise on audience development, storytelling through podcast production, diversification of funding.