Пошук партнерів/Українські переселенці та ККС України

Конкурс «Підтримка українських переселенців та культурного і креативного секторів України»:

  • Antalya Il Kultur ve Turizm Mudurlugu (Туреччина)

Antalya Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism is a governmental institution that is affiliated to Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism.We serve in the field of development of domestic and international tourism market, cultural creative sectors, promotion of tangible and intangible natural,biological, cultural heritages in Antalya. We are willing to participate in projects in the field of heritage, tourism, sustainability, cultural and creative sectors. Contact us at: [email protected]

  • 7Ars Association for the promotion of Culture and Art (Хорватія)

The 7Ars Association for the promotion of culture and art is leading organization in organizing and managing performing arts projects, festivals,exibitions and educational contents for artists. We are very succesful in creating and experimenting with digital performing arts events, such as classical music online festivals,competitions and digital audience development. If you have an interesting project idea and you are looking for partner organization,please do not hesitate to contact us!


CapoTrave/Kilowatt is an international multidisciplinary performing arts center dedicated to the contemporary scene (theatre, dance, circus, music, visual arts, multimedia); it is based in Sansepolcro (Tuscany). Since 2003 it organizes one of the main performing art festival, in Italy, Kilowatt Festival. It is project leader of the EU funded large scale CREA project Be SpectACTive. In 2022 it worked with an Ukranian theatre hosting Ukranians performers during war period. [email protected]

  • Formac Spolka z ograniczona odpowiedzialnoscia SKA (Польща)

We are implementing the project concerning social integration of the Ukrainian refugees. We are experienced in implementation of various projects (labour market related issues, Erasmus etc.) We would like to participate in the project as a partner from Poland responsible for organising sub-granting activities and reaching out Ukrainian artists living in Poland and/or improving the access to culture for Ukrainian refugees in Poland. We are open for cooperation as a project partner.


ALDA – the European Association for Local Democracy – is an alliance of local and regional authorities and civil society actors working together with a participative approach for resilient, inclusive and sustainable communities. Since 2014 ALDA works in Ukraine through its Local Democracy Agencies (Dnipro & Mariupol (currently based in Kyiv). For this specific call, we're looking for a Ukraine-based organisation active in the cultural and creative sectors.

  • Municipality Bucha City Council (Україна)

In February 2022, our city became the epicenter of the war. We were able to defend it! And today we are actively working on the restoration of the infrastructure and the housing stock. But culture also needs support. We can become a partner in your consortium and provide informational support, organization of events or expertise in any area.

  • Green Web (Україна)

We are experts in digital marketing and innovation, have supported more than 700 SMEs and startups in raising funding. We have expertise in Srartup.ua contests, we help in placement on Amazon, Kickstarter and other platforms. In this competition, we are ready to become a partner in the consortium in order to organize high-quality events in Ukraine or for Ukrainian people.

  • B to B Agency (Україна)

We develop online platforms and portals for cooperation. We work in the field of fashion, which is a creative industry. We have connections with more than 200 Ukrainian manufacturers in the field of fashion and textiles. We have good relations with Italian manufacturers. We organize B2B communications and international trade. We are ready to become a partner in a consortium to help Ukrainian creative SMEs in entering international markets, in particular European ones. More about us:://b2b-agency.

  • Charitable foundation "FUND GOOD' NGO (Болгарія)

The "Dobro" charitable foundation was founded by Ukrainians who left for Bulgaria because of the war. Organized support for more than 3,000 families of Ukrainian refugees who were forcibly relocated. These are mainly women, children, disabled people. Starting in March 2022, we helped them with housing, food, basic necessities, and medicine. Organized psychological support clubs for children, a summer camp. More about us: https://www.facebook.com/groups/dobro.bg.

  • Ukrainian Association of Startups (Україна)

The Ukrainian Startup Association unites more than 200 startups and innovative SMEs. We are happy to help as part of your consortium as a partner. We have experience in the organization of cascade financing, and we also know the creative environment of Ukraine well. More about us: https://startups.org.ua/en/home/.


We are a Youth and Social Education Centre that developed several Erasmus, CERV and ESC projects, both as leaders and partners. We belong to national and international networks. We have several projects in the field of ICT, no gender, young adults, culture, non formal education, no discrimination and so on. Building Bridges counts on thousands of people involved (+55K in our bulletin and +70K in social networks) so we ensure wide impact and promotion of results among specific target groups.


We are a group of researchers from Institute of Interdisciplinary Research, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iași, România. We are concerned with conducting a multidisciplinary analysis on cultural heritage. At this moment we are offering our expertise for creating a collaboration, as we can cover communication services, social and economic analysis of various aspects related to cultural heritage, organization of events, promotions, etc.


Empowering excellence. Unlocking research potential. With over 200 successfully submitted intl R&I proposals plus support of over 175 EU-funded projects, GG has a substantial network of partners in the CE region and expertise in these relevant areas: alternative financing for innovation, dissemination & communication of results, EU policy analysis, innovation stakeholder contacts in the CE region, proposal development, and Structural Funds implementation & program evaluation.

  • Associazione Culturale Balancing Act (Італія)

The Cultural Association Balancing Act, based in Venice, promotes classical music through images. Images are used to tell stories that explain the music. The images might be created by live performers such as mimes or dancers, or by digital creators (animations). Check out our youtube channel and our main live project https://www.teatroaperitivo.com/.


Open Media Group (OMG) is an NGO from Zagreb, Croatia. OMG has been founded with the aims of promotion of civil society and protection of human rights by combining modern technologies with arts, especially film art. We have 15 years of experience and have implemented several successful EU projects. Our expertise is the production of social awareness media campaigns and audiovisual content. Please take a minute-two to watch: https://youtu.be/sRyVjkhT-8s and https://youtu.be/hZxebmKRSxQ https://omg.hr/.

  • Centar za kulturne djelatnosti (Хорватія)

The Centre for Cultural Activities is an NGO with social entrepreneurship approach founded in 2007. The emphasis of our work is on preserving the human rights of marginalized groups (national minorities, the Roma community, elderly, young people), social inclusion and gender equality. We are specialized in producing video content. Feel free to check out our videos: https://youtu.be/NSABtAfiy_8 / https://youtu.be/UXAaKv8CDz8 and if you're interested in collaboration contact us at: [email protected]


4Film is a production company based in Zagreb, which has produced over 20 titles. One of our latest films is UA-HR-CZ-SE co-production BUTTERFLY VISION, a debut by Maksym Nakonechnyi, which was selected for the Un Certain Regard category at Cannes Film Festival and won a Special Mention from the Jury at Pula Film Festival. Other titles include INFINITY POOL (2022, B. Cronenberg), starring A. Skarsgard and Mia Goth; YOU CARRY ME (2016, Ivona Juka) (first Croatian film on Netflix). | www.4film.hr.


The communication department of the Politécnico da Guarda has developed/participated in several interdisciplinary R&I projects, contributing to the various areas of communication sciences and ICT. We have extensive experience in advertising, public relations, and strategic communication, and in the planning/production/management of informative/journalistic, multimedia/audiovisual content for digital social media. E-mail de contacto: [email protected]

  • IDM Consulting (Нідерланди)

Identity Matters Consulting (IDM) is a consultancy based in the Netherlands, focusing on group identity issues (ethnic, national, supranational, regional, cultural, linguistic, religious, etc.). Our role is to help define the vision, mission, and strategy of the identity aspects of any project as well as the best practices and methods for their implementation. As experts in the field of identity, we may assume the identity dimension of any project and we are open to any kind of collaboration.

  • Agorà Società Cooperativa Sociale (Італія)

27 years’ experience in educational and social services, welcoming refugees, youth engagement, women and community empowerment.Primarily active at the local grassroots level, we employ around 600 workers in the region and we actively cooperate with local authorities and public bodies.Our mission is to build an inclusive and sustainable community (13.000 beneficiaries).We can offer our extensive expertise in awareness-raising activities and incentivizing behavioral [email protected]

  • INDIGO MED SMPC (Греція)

We are an SME specialised in Communication & Dissemination of EU projects, contributing to communication, dissemination & outreach. Our creative skills and expertise have given us the opportunity to participate in various projects, lead Comms WPs, and provide dissemination of knowledge & outputs to all stakeholders as needed. We have extensive experience in public relations, web design, content creation, strategic communication, stakeholder liaison as well as event & social media management.

  • KHORA APS (Данія)

XR (Virtual and Augmented reality), alongside NFTs and blockchain, offer interesting mass distribution options for digital art and income generation. In this call, we could help unlock the potenial of these mediums as a way to transmit Ukrainian art and Ukrainian stories to generate sales and support for Ukrainians. We, Khora, is an XR production house, specializing in digital content delivery and production and have experience in other European cooperation projects. https://khora.com/eu-projects/.


CSI Cyprus (www.csicy.com) is the focal point of the EU Diversity Charter and specialized in Social Justice and Integration, Social Impact, Human Rights, Civic and Democratic Participation, Intercultural Pedagogies, and New Technologies. With 40 staff members and experts, CSI runs more than 100 relevant programs and initiatives. In calls for proposals, we work based on exchange of partnerships. Currently we develop proposals under this call. For collaboration please contact: [email protected]

  • Associazione Culturale Balancing Act (Італія)

The Cultural Association Balancing Act, based in Venice, Italy, promotes classical music, including rare cafe concert repertoires, through live concerts, shows and videos. Do you need music experts for your images or movies? Do you want to tell stories on stage with live music? One of our tools is to "explain" and "enforce" music is the use of dancers, mimes and any kind of image. Check out https://www.teatroaperitivo.com/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJv7yfCSNYaGl1dLbda5YcQ/playlist.

  • Fondacioni Rruga me Pisha (Албанія)

We are an Albanian based Cultural and Media Not for profit Organisation. We are established in 2001 by our founder the BBC World Service Trust. We would lbe interested to join any project that is looking for an Albanian partner. Albania is considered to have a considerable number of Ukrain citizens that were displaced in our country due to the conflict.


IRC Hellas is a NGO working in Greece from 2015, with a mission to help people whose lives and livelihoods are shattered by conflict and disaster. Since 2018, IRC Hellas has supported more than 4,500 refugees, migrants and asylum seekers with mental health and psychosocial support, and has been working with Ukrainian refugees in Greece, by conducting group psychoeducation sessions, among others. We are interested in participating in a consortium targeting Objective 1, b.


NGO CPZ has been working in the cultural sector since 2016, creating projects dedicated to cultural heritage with innovative approaches and technologies (WebAR, VR, AR). Over the past six months, the NGO managed to secure the support of UNICEF in Ukraine and start the implementation of two large-scale projects aimed at social integration, social cohesion and psycho-emotional support of IDPs and local children and youth whose lives have been changed by the war. Contact us at [email protected]


The Handicraft Chamber of Ukraine was founded in 2009 with the aim of supporting and promoting crafts, developing entrepreneurship through craft activities. HCU encourages and implements training programs for craftspeople, including mentoring in craft industries. Together with public and private partners the HCU closely cooperates and exchanges experiences on traditional, modern innovative crafts as a critical element of creative industries and an integral part of cross-sectoral interaction.


WCCE is a European network representing over 34 craft organisations (members) from 21 European countries (including Ukraine) whose main statutory mission is to promote crafts in Europe, by increasing the awareness and appreciation of crafts as an integral part of the cultural, social, and economic well-being of society. We offer our expertise in the crafts fields to set up training and networking activities that could help Ukrainian craftspeople to overcome the current situation.

  • Phoenix Space Education Limited (Велика Британія)

Phoenix Space is a not-for-profit organization focused on providing STEM education based around the inspirational theme of space science to underserved students to improve their life chances and empower them and their communities. It was created in response to an urgent need to provide access to quality education to displaced students and their hosting communities in the Middle East and globally. If you have an interesting project idea please do not hesitate to contact us [email protected]


Venetian Cluster is the only Italian productive cluster of cultural and environmental heritage and tourism registered in the ECCP. Located in Venice, it coordinates more than 800 private and public companies and 24 research institutes supporting innovation, technological transfer, internationalization, and training. It is a recognized RIS3 regional network and it has coordinated numerous projects concerning the protection, preservation and monitoring of the cultural and environmental heritage.


We can offer technical assistance regarding the 3D and 2D digitisation of any cultural and historical heritage assets in Ukraine.

  • FilmStor s.r.o. (Словаччина)

FilmStor (Piql CEE) helps preserve valuable cultural heritage for centuries to come. Thanks to our patented technology, we would like to help preserve Ukrainian cultural heritage for future generations. We are open to cooperation as a project partner or project supplier. You can learn more at: https://www.piql-cee.com/sk/or contact us directly: [email protected]


Volyn Foundation is a Ukrainian NGO founded in 2017. We work in the spheres of cultural heritage preservation, digitization and popularization and also have experience in cross-cultural projects that combine creative industries, eco-tourism, education and festivals. We have experience in various Ukrainian and EU projects. Location in a semi-dangerous zone of Ukraine (Volyn, Lutsk) allows us to continue our work but also provides us with all the necessary information and expertise about Ukraine.

  • Tomasz Polit (Польща)

The CRAVE Music Agency was established in 2017. We provide a comprehensive offer for artists, such as managerial support, impresario care, and professional promotional and advertising services. We constantly cooperate with music venues, graphic designers, video production teams, sound companies, acoustics, recording studios, journalists, and leading media on the Polish market. With our activities, we support both music labels and independent artists. We also organize concerts and festivals.

  • ISE GROUP (Україна)

ISE Corporate Accelerator is a leading accelerator and ecosystem builder in Ukraine and Poland. ISE stays for Innovation, Startups, Entrepreneurship. Focus on corporate innovations and access to new markets. We have 48 startups in portfolio and over 1700 startups in network. Our mentors and partners come from London, Dublin, Berlin, Palo-Altо, Kyiv, New York, Warsaw. We cover - FinTech, HealthTech, AgriFoodTech, TMT & ICT, AR/VR, CleanTech, Media & Entertainment, HR-Tech and other industries.


Urban Development Center, www.udc.rs is a social impact organization from Belgrade, specializing in urban and social innovation. As an experienced partner, we offer expertise in the fields of urban development, artistic creation, cultural heritage, environment, and education, with the aim to promote past, present, and future urban living and development, promotion of culture and arts within the urban areas, promotion of Culture and new media technologies. Contact: [email protected]

  • Literature Initiative Georgia (Грузія)

Literature Initiative Georgia express its high interest to participate in the project as a partner organisation and coordinate the literature and other cultural spheres in the frames of the project. Members and partners of our organisation are professionals in their fields with wide international network and experience based on complex international cultural projects including international grant announcements and evaluations and projects supporting Ukrainian Culture. [email protected]

  • Institute of Creative City (Україна)

NGO Institute of Creative City (Rivne, UA) deals with educational, consulting and research activities in the topics of circular design, sustainability, social resilience and creative leadership, digital fabrication and art. Since 2016 we realised international projects in creative economy research, local design days festival and educational program in circular design and entrepreneurship for youth. We are interested in joint cutural and education projects. Contact [email protected]


Founded in 2013 and is made up of professionals from the cultural sector with a wide and recognized career and collaborators with great experience in the organization, dissemination and creation of cultural projects at both national and European level. We promote interrelationship, cooperation and exchange between art, culture and training professionals, and cultural management professionals in their different areas: artistic, cultural, socio-cultural, training and educational. www.ideagc.com


LUGOPENFACTORY is a comprehensive creativity based project in Galicia, Spain. It’s an answer to the marginalization of art and creative materials in all fields, with a special attention to the audiovisual world and prototypes of new technologies. It’s also a youth and a development service to support the creation of social and creative enterprises in new environments through empowerment of young people who give solutions for the possible future social problems. https://www.lugopenfactory.com/en/

  • ASS INOOVE (Франція)

Since 2012, the Inoove association has been primarily responsible for the production/broadcasting of the Green Festival in Avignon, which has taken place every year in July for 10 years and which brings together more than 3,000 participants. Its main activities carried out are the production of live performances and the support of emerging artistic projects. From September to June, it completes its festival production activity by developing several artistic and cultural education actions and by.


Educational & Development Company PLOIGOS is an NGO located in Crete, Greece. PLOIGOS is certified as a Vocational Training Centre of Regional and National range in the fields of Education, Agriculture and Culture. The Company is also active in the field of Refugees, supporting in the fields of Accommodation, psychological support and Integration. We are willing to participate in projects in the field of heritage culture and protection. Contact us at: [email protected]