Coop Atlante Società Cooperativa - Atlante Servizi Culturali

Città di Castello, Italy

Culture sub-Program

Category 1 – Smaller scale cooperation projects

Deadline: 11/12/2018

Cultural operator(s): Coop Atlante Società Cooperativa - Atlante Servizi Culturali

Short description: Company based in Città di Castello, created by a group of young art historians, experts in artistic mediation and cultural communication. It provides specialized services and expertise for the management and enhancement of museums and cultural heritage, and operates both with its own projects as well as for other institutions as an organizational support for the realization of temporary exhibitions, following all the development phases and offering curatorial services, logistics, transportation, fundraising, preparation, mediation, management of additional services and personnel.

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Field(s): Blind peoples, art for blind, culture, museums, exhibition, private collections


With VIBE, a project designed to create the first temporary exhibition model of contemporary art, accessible both by blind and visually impaired people, we have developed knowledge and tools capable of creating an exhibition accessible to all. Now we would like to develop a project that will allow us to move from the production of services for the blind to the production of services done together with blind people. In addition to guaranteeing blind people access to temporary exhibitions, we would like to give them the opportunity to choose the contents they would like to use. For this reason we want to create a network of museums and cultural institutions, willing to create a mixed working group of museum operators together with people with visual disabilities coming from the world of associations and institutions in this sector. The museums will be able, through periodic meetings, to choose together exhibitions, events or activities in the program, by implementing accessibility and inclusion. The decision-making phase will be followed by a planning, an operational and a monitoring and evaluation phase: all of these phases will be developed in a shared and participated manner by museum operators and blind people. The European partnership will promote the dissemination of the network by promoting a desirable enlargement of the network and encouraging the circulation of this working method in order to stimulate the start of other similar experiences. As for VIBE, all the activities will not so much be focused on the creation of activities directly reserved for the blind, but will be working towards situations equally accessible for sighted and blind visitors, stimulating exchanges of experiences, emotions and ideas and fostering the role of the museum as social platform for meeting, relationship and comparison.

Countries: all

Profile: Museums, art galleries, institution for blind people, Blind associations, Cultural institutions

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