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Culture sub-Program

Deadline: 27 November 

Cultural operator: Mediaurban, the urban consultancy firm of the Mediapro Group

Short description

Mediapro is a leading group in the European audiovisual sector, unmatched in the integration of content, audiovisual production and distribution, with global operations through its 58 offices on 4 continents. Mediaurban and Mediapro are also heavily involved in developing activities in the fields of city making, design and implementation of cultural spaces applying the very latest technology and the organization of major cultural events.

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Fields: Architecture, Cities, Migration phenomenon and Refugee Crisis 



 Africa will double its population by 2050 and tens of millions of African migrants are expected to arrive in European territory in the next 30 years. 

 It is estimated that more than 65 million people are forcibly displaced, 25 million of whom are refugees, 51% of whom are minors. 

 The climate crisis will provoke structural changes in the ecosystem, generating unexpected migratory movements in the future. 

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 The global phenomenon of mass movement of people to cities is closely related to the migration component. 

 Social, political and economic events that affect the agendas of cities and governments, and that have a major impact on the development of our urban environments. 

 The debate on the role of migration in shaping the cities of the future is essential for understanding, respecting and accommodating diversity in the built environment.

 This debate is aligned with the SDGs, the New Urban Agenda and the Global Compact for Migration (2018).

Project overview. 

The project 'The Culture of Cohabiting' will carry out extensive academic research on the diversity in the ways of inhabiting that are inherent to the different cultures living in Europe today. This research has a twofold objective:

1. To find innovative, efficient, and inclusive solutions to accommodate the migration phenomenon in European cities. 

2. To produce a diverse set of state-of-the-art contents for communication and dissemination, as to stimulate understanding and reinforce diversity in our built environments.

The research will focus on the fields of housing and public space. Ways of inhabiting domestic environments will be studied in order to provide solutions at different scales and in different forms. Main study themes might include: 

• Refugee camps and temporary housing, 

• Housing crisis in global cities, 

• Inclusive typologies and domestic spaces,

• Regulatory flexibility and adaptation in the construction sector, 

• Cultural public spaces, etc.

The project will be divided into three main phases: 

1. A process of debate and content creation through working groups, seminars, and conferences with project partners and renowned experts from different academic fields. 

2. A travelling exhibition in five major European cities (Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Athens) with designed, produced, and curated content by project partners. 

3. A process of consolidation and major dissemination through the creation of ‘The Culture of Cohabiting’ knowledge-sharing platform and documentary.

The communication and dissemination strategy is a cornerstone of ‘The Culture of Cohabiting’ project. Respecting diversity requires understanding diversity, and our central thesis is both clear and ambitious in this sense: project’s success lies in the production of for-all-public contents (including the young and the elderly) and in reaching the widest possible audience.

The configuration of the project team is of maximum relevance and seeks to build knowledge and talent bridges between the urban world and the ecosystem of platforms and organizations working for refugees and migrants. Each city will participate in the project through two partners: on one side, an urban environment expert and, on the other, a specialist in the migration sector and the support, assimilation and accommodation of refugees and migrants in our cities. 

Partners searched

Countries: All European Countries with the exception of: Spain, Netherlands, Germany, France, Greece


Know-how/expersite on the fields of Architecture, Housing, City-related topics. 

Role: guiding the process and evaluating the outcomes throughout the research phase in every participant city, as well as facilitating, catalysing and assessing housing, architecture and social innovation debates and discussions.


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