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Deadline of the strand: 12/03/2020

Deadline for confirming your interest in this partnership: 28/02/2020



Short description

The New Horizons Association was founded in 2003. Its main objective is the promotion and popularisation of unconventional, artistically challenging cinema. Throughout the years, it has developed several internationally acclaimed projects and programmes. 2 of the most important branches of its activity are:

YOUNG AUDIENCE DEPARTMENT: Since 2005, it has organised a variety of projects focused on showing films for children as well as facilitating their creative development and production. 

The main projects are:

- New Horizons of Film Education – year-round film cycles for schools carried out at over 2000 screenings in cinemas in 75 cities and towns.

- The Kids Kino International Film Festival – organised in Warsaw and Wrocław (with events in 20 satellite cities), screens mainly European movies for children up to 12 years old (over 170 titles, over 27 000 viewers in 2019).

- regular distribution of films that premiered at the Festival – the association has long-term rights to all the films shown during the Festival’s main competition.

- Kids Kino.Lab – international development workshops aimed at writers and producers who are developing a project for young audience. 

FILM FESTIVALS AND DISTRIBUTION: Its main event is the New Horizons International Film Festival in Wrocław – Poland’s biggest and most thriving arthouse film festival, a showcase of bold auteur cinema focused on innovative and uncompromising films. The festival is held in Wrocław and attracts over 100 000 participants each year. 

This department also runs a distribution outlet focused on cutting-edge arthouse cinema. Since 2009, it has released over 60 films, both theatrically and using other means of distribution. 

Contact details

Anna Derwich-Kołodziej


phone: +48 668 009 887



film education, film screenings, film and media education, film education in practice




The goal of the project is to promote a modern model of film and media education based on the activation of young audiences of European cinema by means of inviting them to take part in various activities inspired by films and using modern technologies. The works created by the young people – shorts, remixes, podcasts, and other materials – will promote the films presented in the project by creating a community of active audiences around them.


The project will begin with an international expert workshop for teachers and educators, whose students will participate in the film cycle and related activities (stage II), which will take place during the New Horizons IFF (stage I: July/August 2021, 5 days, Wrocław, Poland). During the workshops, the teachers and educators will become acquainted with the project and its structure as well as expand their film education and practical film-related skills to eventually prepare educational materials to be used in the next stage of the project.

Then (stage II: October 2021–August 2022), the participants (teenagers, 14–19 years old) in 3 partner countries will watch films selected for the screenings (1 screening per month, total attendance – ca. 35 thousand spectators aged 14 to 19 in 3 countries). After each film, a selected group of participants will perform engaging practical film tasks, connected with the film’s subject and developing their abilities concerning film criticism and film making. The tasks will be openly displayed online to promote the films presented in the cycle and to show the ways in which young people interpret them.

Finally (stage III: July/August 2022, 5 days, Wrocław, Poland), 3 selected groups of participants will take part in an international workshop aiming to develop their film-related skills acquired through the project and to co-create a film referring to shared European values.


- film cycle (7 European quality productions) related to present-day challenges and issues which are relevant for young people (stage II)

- multimedia educational materials (mainly: presentations regarding the most important subjects discussed in the films, tutorials, infographics and texts explaining the key issues connected with film making)

- practical film and media tasks using modern technologies and referring to the films, evaluated by mentors and via peer review (competition)(stage II)

- 2 workshops as part of the New Horizons International Film Festival (stages I & III)

- project website presenting the outcomes of the project: new media materials developed by the participants as part of the tasks performed (including: short films, podcasts, remixes, stop motion animations), promoting the European films presented in the cycle, as well as other educational materials


1. presentation subject: FAKE NEWS

film: Mr. Jones (2019, dir. Agnieszka Holland, prod. Poland, Ukraine, Great Britain) 


descriptions: the participants will create short remixes of film materials available in the public domain; they will learn the rudiments of film editing and raise their awareness concerning the possibility of being manipulated with audiovisual materials

2. presentation subject: CYBERVIOLENCE 

film: Cyberbully (2015, dir. Ben Chanan, prod. Great Britain) 


description: the participants will try to understand the behaviour and motives of the film protagonists; next, they will create short films presenting an alternate ending to the story told in the film


- participation in the selection of films for the cycle and educational materials

- recruitment of participants for the project to take part in the screenings and the related actions

- organisation of film screenings for teenager groups aged 14–19 (about 5 to 10 screenings of each film, for 100 people each, one screening per month, 7 screenings in total)

- substantial involvement in the workshops during the New Horizons IFF

Partners searched

Countries: Whole Europe, especially: Austria, Belarus, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden, Ukraine

Profile: film/ media/ audiovisual education, informal education, social projects

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