Asociatia ESCU

Romania, Bucharest

Strand/category of the Culture Sub-programme:

Bridging culture and audiovisual content through digital


Deadline of the strand:

14th May 2020

Deadline for confirming your interest in this partnership:

1st April 2020

Cultural operator:

Asociatia ESCU (Romania, Bucharest)

Short description

Asociatia ESCU is an independent NGO, operating in Romania, with projects developed in fields such as cultural heritage, creative industries, visual and performing arts, music, design and applied arts, literature, media, cinema, traditional art, digital art and multiculturalism.

We are organizing several other projects in the cultural and public diplomacy sector, together with partners such as embassies, governmental institutions and cultural public forums, venues and actors and international partners like UNESCO and NATO. Under our NGOs umbrella, since 2015, we've been organizing several cultural events aimed at promoting more than 70 nationalities around the world (represented by embassies, cultural institutes, migrants, refugees, expats/minorities groups etc.) through exhibitions, workshops, conferences, movies screenings and live performances. World Experience Festival is one of our signature multicultural projects which celebrate global cultural patrimony, conveying messages of respect, tolerance and openness to the rest of the world. After 5 successful years, our (initial) local initiatives turned into the most complex cultural events in this part of Europe, especially after it our activity has been given as good practice example in the world-wide UNESCO network, 3 years in a row and approx. 50.000people/edition enjoyed the festival’s experience.

Since 2018 we have developed another early milestone project in the creative industries sector, Made in RO: temporary museum of branding and advertising, organizing an extensive exhibition of advertising art, comprising an illustrated retrospective, curated by old Romanian advertisements, objects and products of collection and memorabilia about the iconic local brands, including their digitalization, representative for the period of 1850- 2018. The range of activities within the project (exhibition, branding conferences, creative workshops, screenings etc.) was enjoyed by the attention of a participating public of over 20,000 people who visited at least one of the components of the project.

Another important project is NATO Youth Academy, a pioneering and intensive mentoring program in the field of international relations, organized within NATO PUBLIC DIPLOMACY PROGRAMMES’ agenda, and brings together with each edition youngsters in a series of conferences, seminars, workshops and study visits, providing a neutral space of dialogue and interaction with decision-makers and experts in various fields.

Our projects are yearly co-funded by the Ministry of Culture, Bucharest Town Hall & different departments of the Romanian Governments (e.g. Department for Interethnic Relations), Swiss Cultural Funds and other international co-sponsorships or grants.

Contact details

Andreea Danescu


Cell: +40736038558




Creative industries (advertising, design, branding, PR, marketing, digital, merchandising), audio-visual arts, design and applied arts, museology, mixed reality, VR, AR, digitalization and digital art, 3D design, cultural experts and research.


Made in CEE: advertising and iconic brands temporary museum (from Eastern Europe) is our proposed project for this call, developing our original concept from Made in RO: temporary museum of branding and advertising. The project aims to highlight over a period of 15 months the transformations of a complex economic and cultural field through the advertising and commercial creation of the times, being an illustrated retrospective of our advertising and consumption market from the past and present from this European area. This will be done by integrating immersive and state of the art technologies that will facilitate our audience to experience first-hand the Central and Eastern Europe extremely rich commercial heritage in several activities such as: the creation of an museum with touring themed exhibitions, workshops, open-labs, conferences and debates, experiential spaces and applied master classes, interactive online podcasts for professionals, digitized exhibitions and showcases of such technologies (mixed reality, AR, VR, 3D design etc.) used in particular situations in creative and cultural industries.

This project aims to present advertising as a very expressive artistic language and as a phenomenon that has influenced and has been influenced by the social and cultural context, associated with the world of business and

communication strategies in this area of the world.

The collections featured in the museum will have a high degree of uniqueness, as they are living evidence of both our commercial history and the specific design of Eastern Europe, where the countries share a similar commercial history. Our lives and loyalty to certain brands are shaped by the memories and experiences that we have all had over the years, and these will be recreated live in the traveling museum through innovative technologies such as mixed media (through type HoloLens, AR), by mapping and 3D design, as well as by digitized collections and media screenings. One of the most important featured of this project is the development of pioneering application in the domain of cultural heritage by using mixed reality (HoloLens 2), AR and 3D design through which certain objects, characters, advertising campaigns, etc. will be recreated in real life, enabling our public to interact directly with the exhibition’s surroundings.

The project aims to become an European platform in the field of creative industries, providing specialists opportunities to develop new ways in which cultural heritage can be presented and communicated through the use of new media technologies, which will lead to attracting a particularly young audience to cultural projects. In addition, the museum will explore how brands shape and are modeled by people, culture and society representing a good learning and documentation opportunity for practitioners from creative industries such as advertising, public relations, design, fine arts, but also journalism, marketing, branding and business studies.

Partners searched


We will act as Lead Partner in this project: we plan to have 3-4 partners, targeting especially countries in Eastern and Southern Europe (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, etc.), but

also from the rest of EU or non-EU countries (UK, Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein and Balkan countries etc.) that have expertise in projects focused on the fields of interest.


• Organizations or associations, companies, agencies etc. working in the culture, artistic and creative industries


• National Councils dealing with the cultural and creative industries;

• Public bodies at local, regional or central level involved in the cultural and creative industries.

• Museums, galleries

We are interested in partnering with non-governmental organizations, galleries and museums, as well as studios and production agencies and the university / academic institutional environment or research centers for the documentation part. We would be very pleased to know more about your ideas and discuss the possibility to be actively involved.


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