Società Beethoven A.C.A.M.


Call for Proposal: Cultural Cooperation Projects in the Western Balkans 2019

Strand or Category: Cooperation Projects 

Cultural operator – who are you? 

Name of Organisation

Società Beethoven A.C.A.M. (Associazione Culturale Amici della Musica

Country: Italy



Contact Person: Mr. Luigi A. Dell’Aquila / E-mail:

Organisation Type: Non-profit Cultural Association with recognition of Legal Personality

Scale of the Organization

Number of Employees: 3-10 / Latest Annual Turnover: Eur 100.000

PIC Number (IOD Code): 895337452 (E10250545)

Aims and Activities of the Organisation 

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During the course of over 40 years of history, the Association has set itself and still aims to promote the cultural growth of citizenship by privileging the following artistic fields of music, orchestral, theatrical, choreutic, poetic, painting-sculpture, editorial and journalism education, teaching in all its components and purposes. as well as cultural and professional training and updating and all that is permissible and useful for cultural growth with the exclusion of any profit. Furthermore, it operates in the following specific sectors: a) teaching and artistic and musical methodologies; b) methodologies and laboratory activities; c) didactic innovation and digital teaching; d) teaching for transversal skills and competences; e) methodologies for learning; f) education in artistic and musical culture; g) orientation and contrast to early school leaving; h) analysis of the individual and social needs of the students; i) school-work alternation; l) school and social inclusion; m) intercultural and interreligious dialogue; n) class management and relationship problems; o) development of digital culture and media education; p) active citizenship and legality; q) didactics of the single artistic disciplines foreseen by the sectoral school systems

Role of the Organisation in the Project: Project Partner

Previous EU Grants Received: N/A 

Proposed Creative Europe Project – To which Project are you looking for Partners? 

Sector or Field

Music, Orchestral, Theatrical, Choreutic, Poetic, Painting- Sculpture, Editorial and Journalism Education and Concert Activity related to Classical Music

Description or Summary of the Proposed Project: N/A 

Partners Currently involved in the Project: N/A 

Partners Searched – Which Type of Partner are you looking for? 

From Country or Region

EU Countries and non-EU Countries (Albania, Bosnia- Herzegovina, North Macedonia and Montenegro)

Preferred Field of Expertise 

Experience and Skills in the fields of Music, Orchestral, Theatrical, Choreutic, Poetic, Painting-Sculpture, Editorial and Journalism Education and in the field of Concert Activity related to Classical Music

Please get in Contact no Later than 31 December 2020 

Projects Searched – Are you interested in participating in other EU Projects as a Partner? Yes

Which Kind of Projects are you looking for? 

Cooperation Projects / Cross-Sectoral Projects Like, for example, too: CfP EAC/S53/2019: Music Education and Learning CfP EACEA-28-2019: Bridging Culture and Audiovisual Content through Digital 

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